#8: The Little Things that Make a Successful Gym

In our 8th episode of The Business of Lifting Weights podcast, we dive into the the 10% rule where the little tasks are often the ones that create a successful gym.


  1. Building brands too soon and proclaiming yourself an expert.
  2. The Dirt vs. The Clouds – balancing the focus on small tasks (The Dirt) vs. focusing on the end game (The Clouds).
  3. Performance360’s long term growth plans.
  4. What we are doing to ensure that we stick around and succeed in a competitive market.
  5. Focusing on going deep vs. going wide in your services.
  6. Why over-analyzing leads to poor decisions.
  7. Why adding too many members is a bad thing.
  8. Why specializing in one service is better than multiple.

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