Episode 6: Progressing as an Athlete

In our 6th episode of The Business of Lifting Weights podcast, P360 Coach and Yoga instructor Julianne Russell joins us as we talk about how to properly approach and progress through each stage of weightlifting, from beginner to intermediate and then to advanced. Julianne started 3 years ago as a beginner and is now entering her first powerlifting competition in addition to losing 28 pounds in the process.


  1. Why skipping the beginner phase will have long lasting implications on your training and body
  2. The biggest mistakes to avoid as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced weightlifter
  3. What to do when hitting plateaus and how to avoid them
  4. Why “do less” is often the best advice
  5. When diet becomes a major factor
  6. When to specialize and why specializing too early has compound negative effects
  7. How to take your training to the next level

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