#23: Christmas Abbott – Inside the Gym

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights we sit down with one of the leading female fitness personalities, Christmas Abbott, to discuss gym ownership and creating a successful personal brand.

She let us in behind the curtain to her infrastructure and processes at both CrossFit Invoke and her personal brand, and we covered in a lot in one hour.

Some highlights include:

-What traits learned in Iraq make you successful today?
-What’s the best decision you ever made?
-What’s a decision you regret?
-How do you build a truly elite coaching staff?
-What is the DNA of your gym, and why?
-What can gym owners do to go from “paying the rent” to “making money”?
-What is your “3 step” rule?
-How do you build real community?
-Will you keep “CrossFit” in your name?
-What are your predictions for the market as fitness evolves?
-How do you approach your handling of your “elite” gym population?
-Do you like mixers in your cocktails?
-What person would you buy a drink and what would you buy them?
-Donuts or cupcakes?
-Who is someone in fitness you admire but doesn’t know it?

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