#20: Clifton Harski, Fitwall Director of Fitness

This week on The Business of Lifting Weights, we sit down with Fitness Manager and Programmer for Fitwall’s 6 US locations, Clifton Harski, to discuss adaptability and success in the fitness industry.

Clifton has seen tremendous success in the fitness industry by diversifying his skills and offerings to adapt to any opportunity presented to him.


  1. Adaptability – Why pigeonholing yourself into one aspect of fitness limits your opportunities.
  2. Traits required to be successful in the fitness industry.
  3. Relationships, networking and how they can advance your career.
  4. The importance of advancement in your own terms.
  5. Getting a free fitness education through learning from your surroundings.
  6. Scaling your business – Right away or take your time?
  7. Challenges you face in your business.
  8. Finding common ground through relatability.

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