#19: How to Develop Your Gym Branding

We sit down with Chris Lynch, owner of Everyday California, who has taken a single store kayak adventure company and built into an apparel brand that’s in stores all over North America.

Chris shares with us his insights on how he has grown huge while remained a local company.


  1. Starting small and thinking big. Why having a bigger outlook from the start is important.
  2. Does your business name give people a feeling about your brand and who you are?
  3. Diversifying and growing from your core business.
  4. Why the little details matter so much.
  5. Slow growth or fast growth?
  6. Success through simplicity. The Apple approach of “less is more”.
  7. Working with the right people, when to pass and when to walk away.
  8. Leading by example, as a leader you clean the bathrooms.
  9. Branding mistakes small businesses make that prevent them from growth.

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