#17: Transitioning Out of the Day-to-Day

Every gym owner must go through The Transition…..the point in the business where you must step out of the day-to-day to work ON the business in order to grow you gym. Most gym owners fail at this transition for several reasons. In episode 17 of The Business of Lifting Weights, we talk you through that transition and how to successfully grow past this critical turning point.


  1. Why being IN your business on a day-to-day basis is actually easy to grow to a certain point
  2. Why establishing trust from the beginning with your members allows your transition out of the day-to-day much easier
  3. The importance of hiring the right coaches through personality and not knowledge
  4. The role you should step into while transitioning out of the gym
  5. Transparency and communicating the growth of the business with your members
  6. How to effectively manage your coaches as you transition away from that role
  7. The hardest part about the transition

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