#16: Nicole Zapoli – Inside the Gym

Nicole Zapoli, formerly of CrossFit Gymnastics and Dynamis CrossFit joins us to discuss opening and growing a successful gym. Visit her at www.NicoleZapoli.com.


  1. Nicole supporting the importance of a “Why” for your gym and community.
  2. The importance of finding business partners that compliment you, not replicate you.
  3. How Nicole leveraged smart discounting to help open doors.
  4. Nicole’s amazing hustle and creative initiatives in the realm of new member services.
  5. The difficult transition from owner/coach to owner, and the move away from coaching every single class.
  6. Nicole’s behind the scenes challenges.
  7. What two traits Nicole looked for when hiring coaches.
  8. Why a focus on yourself, not your competition leads to healthy community and healthy margins.
  9. …And lastly, do cookies work? When, and how to use baked goods to manipulate people.

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