#14: How to Differentiate Your Gym on Your “Why”

Today we talk about differentiating your brand by finding your “Why” and creating a gym based around this ideal. No longer are you able to differentiate based on “what” you do, you must establish your why and make it the forefront of everything you do.


  1. Why it’s important to differentiate.
  2. Why differentiating through “what” no longer produces buy-in from clients. Don’t become a commodity.
  3. Our “Why” – What we founded the gym on and why it created a dedicated following.
  4. Focusing on simplicity of messaging.
  5. Why your gym is not special based on what you do.
  6. Why imperfection attracts people.
  7. Why the gym should never be about you as the gym owner.
  8. Why experienced coaches with fancy certifications might not be the most qualified for your gym.
  9. How to find your “Why”.
  10. How to implement your “Why” into everything you do.

Finding your why and creating a gym around those ideals will create a community that constantly raves about you and refers more members.

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