Episode 11: How to Set-Up Your Programming to Grow Your Gym

One of the biggest mistakes most gyms make is programming the workouts in a way that limits possible growth. Today we go over ways to avoid one-dimensional programming that will allow you to attract more members and grow to be a successful gym.


  1. Level Progressions – Why consistent progress is what keeps people coming back and why programming based on your advanced members is a bad idea.
  2. Why having physical requirements for progressive programming provides goals and motivation for people who might be lost.
  3. Why breaking workouts down by progress level increases retention, makes it easier on your coaching staff and builds trust among your membership base.
  4. How to enforce progress levels and ensure members follow the correct progressions
  5. Hard vs. Effective & Fun vs. Results – Why programming for the wrong purpose will kill your growth
  6. Why you should never have multiple coaches program your workouts
  7. Why your programming often alienates the majority of your members and potentially gets them injured.

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