#10: How to Create Better Partnerships with Your Clients

If you don’t look at your customers as partners in your gym and don’t treat them with the respect they deserve, you are not capitalizing on your full value as a gym or business.

In our 10th episode of The Business of Lifting Weights podcast we sit down with head Strength Coach Julianne Russell and show you how to create better relationships with your customers, the backbone that will fuel your growth.


*Learning members goals vs. forcing your goals on them.
*Why basic progress recognition matters.
*Why you should stop walking around the gym twirling a PVC pipe when you coach.
*How “selling” sets up a bad foundation of trust from the start, and why “coaching” and partnering sets up a good one.
*How getting one sided with your own goals as a coach can inadvertently close you off to helping others.
*The right balance of motivation vs. pressure, and it’s impact on your members’ trust.
*How to ask customers to co-author the process when you need help.

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