Member #1 into the Maximus Club

First things first.  We have the highest of recognition to hand out to one of our members this morning as Elyse Paulson beceoms the first member into the Maximus Club!  This is incredibly, incredibly impressive because it is not just a strength accomplishment or a cardio accomplishment. It includes achieving a lean body composition, an unbelievable amount of strength to go with it and also the ability to maintain pace over the long haul.

Here are the requirements for the Maximus Club (men/women).

  • Deadlift 200% of body weight
  • Push Press 120% / 90%
  • Hang Clean 110% / 90%
  • Sub 10-min “Ring of Fire”
  • Sub 17-min “600”
  • Box Jump 58″ / 36″



It’s made to be extremely difficult to enter.  I understand that.  Here’s what Elyse has pulled off since training at Performance360.

  • 206% Deadlift (275#, women’s record)
  • 125# Push Press (93%, women’s record)
  • 120# Hang Clean (90%, women’s record)
  • 9:47 “Ring of Fire” (gym record)
  • 15:32 “600” (gym record)
  • 38″ Box Jump (women’s record)


Aside from working her butt off, Elyse is one of the nicest people you’ll ever talk to and amazingly humble so please congratulate her when you see her at the gym.

We have some members who are close including John Blackburn, Brandon Flora, Tori Faught and Alex Vekich.