Einstein Had Talmey: No One Is Self Made

When Albert Einstein was a child, his mentor Max Talmey would have lunch with Albert every week where the two of them would read and discuss new books about science. This laid the foundation for Einstein’s curiosity and brilliant mind, and historians contend that without the weekly interactions of Talmey there would have never been the theory of relativity, E=Mc2, or quantum theory.

Put differently, even Albert Einstein wasn’t self made.

Being “self made” is a very dangerous ideology, one that says “I did this entirely on my own and had no help.” By nature, it omits the people that either directly or indirectly contributed to where we are today. It’s some modern day bullshit, ain’t it? Gary Vaynerchuck describes him as a self-made millionaire yet he built his initial following from his parents wine business. Sure, he’s become successful and built many things from scratch since but without that familial advantage, he’s not “Gary Vee”. The point is not to discredit people who take advantage of a positive influence and produce a return 10x that. The point is to be aware of external influence rather than think we can do anything in this world without the help and influence of others.

Here’s the list of self made people:

  • Lottery ticket winners.

Anyone else, I’d contend has had huge help in their successes. Humility for any success we achieve in life is only possible if we realize that we’re simply a variable to our own equation. Some like Einstein and Gary Vaynerchuck are bigger variables in that equation than others, but variable still.

Which finally brings me to my point. Whom you surround yourself with is everything, and the people in your circle are likely either influencing or stalling your growth or success. We absorb many behaviors through osmosis and though we may think we’re going it alone, we usually aren’t. Careful of what you tell yourself you achieve in a vacuum.¬†Albert Einstein had his childhood mentor to help facilitate his nature vs. nurture. Gary Vaynerchuck had access to a wine business.

What and who surrounds you right now that can positively better your circumstances?


Tuesday, 9.15.20


8 Pull-Ups
8 Ground to Elevated Push-Ups
10 Bent Over High Pull
(x16 Min)

12 Ballistic Lateral Step Ups
12 Supine Row
12 Half Racked Curtsy Lunges
12 Weighted Toe Touches
(x12 Min)