Good morning, guys.  Hope that you all had a nice weekend, we’re back today with another newsletter after being off for a while due to the Olympics, etc.

Let’s do this.

Earn 50% Off!

With last month’s $300 cash referral contest in the books (Kylee Newman the winner) we are now into the thick of the 1 for 1 referral contest that runs through the end of summer, and we are hopeful to get some great results from it.

If you have ignored the previous two newsletters mentioning it, the summary is simple.

Everyone refers just one new person to the gym and P360 pays for a weekend retreat somewhere awesome to celebrate the end of summer.

So, all you are responsible for is just one new person.

To return the favor more so, we’re throwing in 50% off the first month to your friend and 50% off to you for referring that person.  This way, everyone receives something for helping the cause for those people who don’t care about the trip.

We’ve slowly crossed off a few names from the big board and hope to make June a big month.  This is an easy way to help yourself and help the gym at the same time, and like we have said before we love win-wins for all. 

Free Trial Sign-Up

As a reminder, please have any friends you bring to the gym sign up on the website beforehand.  The process takes three minutes and makes everything run much smoother.  We really want to avoid people showing up unannounced as class is getting ready to start.

We now have 9 am and 4:45 pm Daily Challenges, as well as 7 am Boot Camps so there should be something for any schedule.

AM Classes

As a reminder Elyse Paulson has started this week running the morning classes three days per week.  We’re extremely pumped for what she brings to the table and are looking forward to you all benefiting from her in the way that P360 already has.

Pritz and I will run Tuesday and Thursday morning classes and Elyse will be teaching Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the near future.

Summer Schedule: 12 Noon Class

If you were a member last summer you might recall that our neighbors ran a fairly aggressive Kid’s Youth Camp during July and August.  That camp is returning this year and we will be adjusting the schedule accordingly.

The parking lot gets pretty crazy for that noon class due to parents picking up their kids, so if you are a regular at noon just be forewarned that we may be bumping that class up to 11 am during the camp months.

Nothing will change for now and we’ll give you as much notice as possible.  The camp starts last week of June and usually does not get crazy busy until late July.

Please give us your feedback and let us know if that adjustment would still work for your schedule.  We want to be as proactive as possible.


We are in the midst of planning for our next fun event and have heard some great suggestions.

  • Camping
  • Catalina
  • Padres Game
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Sloshball/Kickball
  • Bahia Belle

We will be sitting down and assessing what makes the most sense logistically.  I’ve been to Catalina before and it was amazing, but also you get pretty harassed by the local authorities if your camping group is anything more than a small family.  So, that one may be tough.  Any other ideas, please keep them coming and we’ll add them to our list.

Let us know what questions, concerns, suggestions or comments you guys have to make P360 better.

-Dave & Pritz

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