Do You Point The Thumb or The Finger?

When things go right, we are very often likely to use the thumb to tap our chest. “I did this. I deserve this.”

Yet, when things go wrong, we are likely to switch from the thumb to the finger and point it outward. “This was not my fault. I don’t deserve this. You did this to me.”

What I’ve learned over the last eight months is that it’s all about that thumb. No matter what you are doing or pursuing, you are in the driver’s seat. You may have a car full of distracting passengers trying to take your hands off the wheel, but our outcomes right now (barring a health concern beyond our control) are still entirely dependent upon our actions.

And that continues to be good news.


Friday, 11.20.20


18′ EMOM
A: 10 Bulgarian SL Deadlift
B: 12 Pull Through Complex
C: 80m Half Rack Walk

DB Snatch
Tuck Ups
Squat Jumps
150m Run