To access December Week 3 workouts, click here.

We will be open at P360 Mission Beach Only.  Please make sure to pay attention to class times and location when registering for class this week.

Monday, 12/22

Daily Challenge: “Hornet’s Nest”


Format: 25 minutes + Partner Finisher

25 Minutes
5 Light Deadlifts
10 Push-Ups
10 OH Swings
5 Burpees
80m Run
With a partner, trade 45’ planks.  5 times each.

P360 Strength/Olympic Weightlifting, 6 pm @ Crown Point

Back next week at its regularly schedule time and location.

Tuesday, 12/23


Daily Challenge: “Fudgesicle”

Format: 3 Rounds

3 Rounds:
Reasonably challenging weight over the course of 25 rep sets, but understand the workout should be completed with time to spare. Aim for 30 minutes on your pacing.

25 Goblet Squats
25 Pull-Ups
25 Push Press
500m Row


Wednesday, 12/24


Daily Challenge: “Tae Bo”

Format: 1 Round

800m Run
50 RKB Swings
50 Barbell Curls
50 BW Side Lunges (25/s)
50 Ring Rows
800m Run


P360 Kettlebells: 5 & 6 pm @ P360 Crown Point

Back next week at its regularly schedule time and location.

Thursday, 12/25


Daily Challenge: “8 pounds, 6 ounces”

Format: Opening Presents

Wake up and drink coffee

Open presents in pajamas


Drink eggnog and pass out.

Friday, 12/26

Daily Challenge: “Silly Putty”


Format: 3-Tier

5×5 Bench Press

1000m Row

1000m Run

Saturday, 12/27


Daily Challenge: No Class

Open Gym: 9 – 12 @ P360 Mission Beach


Sunday, 12/28

Yoga: No Yoga This Week
P360 Speed: 9 am @ Mission Point Park
Location: Mission Point Park

20 min AMRAP

400m sprint

400m walking recovery

Finisher: all out 800m sprint