COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Dear Community,

Now that classes are resumed we are excited to roll out what we know beyond any doubt to be fitness industry leading safety precautions and group fitness execution.

If you are looking for a combination of world class fitness with world class attention to safety in this modern era, you have found it.


“What to Bring Checklist”

  • Mask – Required (may be removed for the workout)
  • Individual Sweat Towel – Required
  • Individual Water Bottle – Optional (we do not supply cups)

More details on all of this below.


**You will not be permitted into the gym without a mask.**

They will be required for entering the gym and must stay on up until the workout starts.  They will not be required for the actual performance of the workouts and may be removed at that time. Upon completion of your workout, you will be asked to place your mask back on as you clean your area and exit the gym.

Open Air Flow Concepts

Every gym has 1-2 roll up garage doors that continuously circulate new air flow.


Individual Workout Zones

We have our gyms mapped out with social distancing at the forefront of operations. Each individual in a class receives their own dedicated, sanitized workout zone that is 100 – 120 square feet. The ensures a distance of approximately 8 – 12 feet between you and your “neighbor” at all times.

You will keep all of your personal items inside your square during the workout.

Individual Racks + Equipment

You will gather your own equipment for every workout, never sharing or touching the same equipment as someone else. After class, it is sanitized with hospital grade virucide spray so you can rest assured you are coming to class and using clean equipment.

Attendance Cap

Every class will be be reduced by 40-60% capacity so that we adhere to social distancing guidelines and allow only the amount that will allow us to follow CDC guidelines. This nets out to a class size of roughly 12-16 people.

4-Layer Cleaning Approach

The hygiene of the gym will be our single biggest priority as we re-open. We have added suppliers and expanded our budget to meet modern needs. We have partnered with an independently owned company based in Oregon, owned by a former San Diego Navy SEAL, and all products are certified by the EPA as effective against the Coronavirus.


We will deploy a four layered protective system centered around a “weekly-nightly-hourly” approach. It will be updated as needed based on frequency demand.

Base Layer:
Our gyms have been a commercially graded rubber mat sealant that helps seal out virus, fungus, and bacteria from falling into the cracks and crevices of the rubber.

Layer 2 (Bi-Weekly):
Multiple times per week, the gym will professionally deep cleaned, scrubbed, and disinfected wall to wall.

Layer 3 (Daily):
Every single day, the gym will be sprayed down with an EPA Coronavirus certified, hospital grade virucide disinfectant that is left to soak and dry overnight, presenting members with a disinfected clean slate daily.

Layer 4 (Hourly):
Every quadrant of workout zones has full bottles of EPA Coronavirus certified, hospital graded virucide spray that will be required by all members to be used immediately following the workout for the purposes of sanitizing individual workout zones and equipment within them. This process will be supervised and ensured by our coaches.

Distancing Appropriate Movement Lanes

There will be taped off and guided one-way lanes to move about the gym for when you need to get water, use the bathroom, or change out equipment, ensuring you never walk into someone’s workout zone and never have to wonder which way to go. These lanes help keep all distancing guidelines in tact.

Gym in Bay Park San Diego

Appropriately Distanced Coach

Your coach will never enter your workout zone without permission and is prepared to coach you from a safe distance using auditory and visual cuing. They will have a mask on throughout class with the exception for when they deliver the pre-class demo.

Gym in Bay Park San Diego

Dedicated Entry and Exit Points for Each Gym

All three gyms with have their own entry and exit doors. Each entry door will have a hand sanitizer pump that you’ll use before entry.

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