COVID-19 Operations and Procedures

We take the health and safety of our community seriously, and are fully transparent in how we are handling group classes for the foreseeable future. While we can in no way 100% guarantee you will be free of Coronavirus transmission, we do not believe you will find another gym in San Diego with the following effective measures in place.

4-Layer Cleaning Approach

We use an independently owned company based in America owned by a former Navy SEAL, and all products are certified by the EPA as effective against the Coronavirus.

Our cleaning products have been meticulously researched and our approach deploys a four layered protective system centered around a “monthly-weekly-nightly-hourly” approach.

Layer 1 (Monthly): Our gym is sealed every month with a commercially graded rubber mat sealant that seals out virus, fungus, and bacteria from falling into the cracks and crevices of the rubber.

Layer 2 (Weekly): Twice per week, the gym is professionally deep cleaned, scrubbed, and disinfected wall to wall.

Layer 3 (Nightly): Every single night, the gym is sprayed down and cleaned with an EPA Coronavirus certified, hospital grade virucide disinfectant that is left to soak and dry overnight, presenting members with a disinfected clean slate daily.

Layer 4 (Hourly) : Every quadrant of workout zones has full bottles of EPA Coronavirus certified, hospital graded virucide spray that is required by all members to be used immediately following the workout for the purposes of sanitizing individual workout zones and equipment within them. This process is supervised and ensured by our coaches.

To view the products being used, click here.

{insert video of coach spraying down gym}

Individual Workout Zones

We have our gyms mapped out with social distancing at the forefront of operations. Each individual in a class receives their own dedicated, sanitized workout zone that is 100 – 120 square feet. The ensures a distance of approximately 8 – 12 feet between you and your “neighbor” at all times.

{insert image of Bay Park class workout zones}

Personal Equipment

You will receive your own equipment for every workout, never sharing or touching the same equipment as someone else. After class, it is sanitized with hospital grade virucide spray so you can rest assured you are coming to class and using clean equipment. You are also welcome to bring in your own barbell, kettlebell or dumbbells to any class if you prefer. While we have more than enough equipment for everyone and strict policies in place to ensure their hygiene, we know you may feel better using your own.

{insert image of workout zone with equipment}

Attendance Cap

Every class has been reduced by 40% capacity so that we adhere to social distancing guidelines. This nets out to a class size of roughly 15 people appropriately distanced every 100-120 square feet.

Appointment Only

Class registration has always been required and will continue to be. If you do not register, and show up to a full class you will be sent away with zero exceptions.

No-Show Penalty

You will be charged $10 for registering to a class and not showing up. This will enter a gym fund that will go towards supplies, equipment, etc.

Movement Lanes

There are taped off and guided lanes to move about the gym for when you need to get water, use the bathroom, or change out equipment, ensuring you never walk into someone’s workout zone and never have to wonder which way to go. These lanes ensure that all distancing guidelines are maintained.

{insert image of movement lanes}

Appropriately Distanced Coach

Your coach will never enter your workout zone without permission and is prepared to coach you from a safe distance using auditory and visual cuing.

Personal Protective Equipment

Face coverings will be required for entering the gym and must stay on up until the workout starts.  They will not be required for the actual performance of the workouts and may be removed at that time. Upon completion of your workout, you will be asked to place your mask back on as you clean your area and exit the gym.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is strictly required upon entry to the gym prior to the start of class.