Correct Front Squat Grip

by Julianne Russell
Performance360 Head Coach

A lot of people ask, “Where should my hands be on the front squat? How far apart should my front squat grip be? Where should the elbows be on a front squat?”

It is important that the hands be just outside of the shoulders so that the shoulders are externally rotated. If the hands are on top of the shoulders, then the elbows will drop, pulling the torso forward and losing the balance and the integrity of the lift.

Watch our three minute video that explains the following.

  • The exact positioning of your grip to ensure your torso stays tall.
  • How you should descend and what your bottom position in the front squat should look like.
  • Where to focus your elbow positioning to make sure your core doesn’t collapse.
  • Common mistakes on the set-up that can sink the lift before it starts.

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