Good morning, P360 fam.  Hope that you guys all had a nice weekend as we near the madness of the holiday season. We decided to move the newsletter to once every two weeks, or at least give it a whirl and make them a bit more consolidated so that you don’t have to read communication from us each week.

Here are the important things going on in the gym right now:

$100 Referral Contest

We are starting to pick up steam in the Holiday $100 U-Call-It Referral Contest and there is more than a handful of people out there with a shot.  All you need to do is essentially get one friend to join and it puts you right in the race for the $100 cash prize.  Here are the current standings. (+1 point for a friend that tries us, +5 if they end up joining)

The contest goes through the end of the year so it’s not too late to start bringing your friends!

Yoga for Athletes

We are excited to move Yoga for Athletes to a time where it sounds like more people will be able to make.  It will now be Thursday night at 6:15 pm so if you have been wanting to give it a try but can’t make the morning session, you now have no excuse!

Start working that mobility, flexibility and problem areas and you’ll notice a huge difference inside and outside of the gym.

$300 ‘Beat the Soft’ Standings

We will be updating the first edition of the standings this Friday after everyone goes through strength testing and weigh in over the course of the week!  We are already seeing some excellent jumps in strength through the first ten days and are really excited to see just how strong and lean this gym gets by the end of 2011.

Member Shout Outs

This gym continues to blow us away week in and week out!

Christmas Hours

We want to give you the guys the Holiday hours with as much notice as possible just in case anyone plans on doing some advanced planning, but for now we are running regular hours the entire month of December except for the following days. We’ll be closed the 23rd – 26th and will have abridged hours one or two days leading up to it.

Ugly Sweater/Onesie Bar Crawl

As a reminder our 1st Annual Ugly Sweater/Onesie Bar Crawl is this Saturday evening so get ready!  All of the details can be viewed on the Facebook page, here.  We’ll be announcing official start times and locations later this week once we get the final head count.

Right now, we’re looking at Sneak Joint (duh), Beachwood, Miller’s Field and a third location is TBD so if you have a strong opinion then post it on the event page.  Shore Club has a big event that day so it was removed from the list.

Achievement Clubs

You may or may not have noticed that we’ve modified the P360 Achievement Clubs and added a new one.  As the gym continues to grow, so too do the results you guys produce so we need to always be sure that we set appropriate targets for you guys.  Avoiding stagnant mediocrity is not just a punch line on the website, it’s what we firmly believe.

Here are the new guidelines.

Lean & Mean Club – 15 pound fat loss or more
Men’s Barbell Club – 350# deadlift & 175# push press
Women’s Barbell Club – 200# deadlift & 95# push press
Mayweather Club – men’s requirements / women’s requirements

  • 13:00 / 15:00 “600”
  • 25 rounds / 20 rounds “Dirty30”
  • 20 strict pull-ups / 5 strict pull-ups


Maximus Club (NEW) – We’re rolling a new club that’s going to be top of the top-tier (men’s/women’s)

  • 200% of body weight deadlift
  • 110% / 90% press
  • 110% / 90% hang clean
  • 58″ box jump / 36″ box jump
  • 13:00 / 15:00 “600”
  • 25 rounds / 20 rounds “Dirty30”


We are also going to be modifying the requirements for Dirty30 and 600 as we’ll introduce today.  We are really starting to notice the competitive juices flowing on the signature workouts and love it!  We just need to ensure we don’t sacrifice range of motion and the point of the workout just to beat a time or amount of rounds.

We’ll be asking chest to hit the floor on each and every push-up from now on to ensure we get the work out of the actual workout.  This will be reviewed each day we do push-ups as a reminder :).

Inflammation 101

One of the most serious modern health issues is systematic inflammation within our bodies.  Click here to read more in depth about it and get the crash course below.

Let us know what questions, comments, suggestions and feedback you guys have for us.