Consistent Balance > Consistency

Some would say that consistency is the key to long term success. I’m gonna say no to that – it’s just not that simple. You can show up to the gym every day and run yourself into the ground. You can regularly slam chicken and veggies and one day wake up and say “Fuck it, not worth it.” You can be consistent, but the magic happens with consistent balance.

Implementing healthy, sustainable habits is definitely not easy. They aren’t innate and they certainly aren’t taught to us as kids. We want immediate satisfaction, immediate results. Most of us first step foot into a gym for the wrong reasons to begin with, right? We wants abs and we want them now.  I mean, abs are great, I love abs. But if that’s the only reason you’re showing up, you’re on a road towards a dead end.

About two week ago, I got back from 9 days spent on the east coast with the fam and friends. Days went something like this: wake up, eat, drink, laugh, go back to sleep and then do it all over again. #Vacation

A couple days after being back, I came into P360, jumped on the body analysis machine and was pretty damn confused with my results. Not only did I not gain a single pound, but I even went down 1% in body fat. How could that be? A couple of years ago my body would have clung onto those vacation calories for dear life. I did some thinking, considered the changes I have made in the last year or so and things started to make sense.

Now what I’m about to offer up isn’t a “Go On Vacation, Eat All the Carbs and Still Lose Weight!” guide. But it is what I have learned, through A LOT of trial and error, in order to be the most efficient, well-oiled machine for the long haul.

Enjoy the Process
This becomes a hell of a lot easier when you’re not just on a quick-fix mission to get jacked or look like that Instagram model you stalk. That’s exactly what leads to poor, unsustainable habits. Most of us are way too consumed with the glorification of today rather than tomorrow. Plus, training should be a blast – you should look forward to it! The only way you’re going to adopt a habit is if you enjoy it.

Diversity in Training
It’s easy to fall into a regiment of the same exercise day in and day out. The problem here is that eventually your body will adapt and your level of fitness will plateau. Not to mention, it’s going to get old. Adding diversity into your training routine is crucial if you want to continue to build athleticism and not fall off the bandwagon. This is the main reason I walked into P360 over four years ago and never left. Workouts are always different, always challenging and always leave you better than when you came in.

Don’t Turn Down the Donut
Or whatever your happy food is. I’m serious. Don’t do it. And don’t just save it for the weekend either. Now I’m not saying eats donuts for breakfast, but if you’re craving something – have at it! The key is in moderation. The moment you start depriving yourself is the moment an unhealthy relationship with food begins. And it’s a terribly hard relationship to break-up with. Life is meant to be enjoyed and an enjoyable life usually entails donuts.

Ultimately, what works for you will be different than what works for me and for the next person. But I do think the most important step towards permanent balance is figuring out what motivates you.  Why do you show up to class each day? Why are you opting to eat clean 90% of the time? If the answer is to look a certain way, you may want to try fine-tuning your forces. Make your health and performance the priority. Start taking classes you enjoy, mix things up, never say no to pizza and, most importantly, stay patient with yourself. There really is no end goal when it comes to fitness. If there is then you’re doing it wrong.

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