Congrats to Our FCC Level 1 Attendees!

We had an amazing three-day weekend with our inaugural class of FCC Level 1 Coaches. Attendees included personal trainers, CrossFit gym owners, strength and sport performance coaches, enthusiastic athletes, and those looking to lay a foundation for the pursuits of a career in fitness. They included total strangers, current members, and former members who flew from corners of North America. We had attendees local to San Diego, and from far reaching places like Brazil and Alaska. Despite the different origins of travel and fitness backgrounds, the class was unified by their shared eagerness to learn, humble demeanor, attentiveness, and fast ability to learn and absorb. We are incredibly proud of this first group and honored that they trusted us with their education.

Congratulations to all of our attendees:

  • Adam Alfaro
  • Rodrigo Barros
  • Jezer Belangcod
  • Cheryl Cohen
  • Jarred Collins
  • Caleb Dewey
  • Skye Halliday
  • Brie Hancy
  • Mark Highsmith
  • Steve Levon
  • Matt Mandel
  • Ashley Pritz
  • Derek Scott
  • Bobbi Smith
  • Timmie Standridge
  • Natalie White
  • Rickie Wickland
  • Joey Zaniboni

We look forward to many more successful weekends to come.