Written by Jarred Collins

There is a difference between experiencing an event as opposed to seeing whether or not the event fits your concept of what it is supposed to be. Although this article is specifically geared towards our gym experiences, I think the best analogy is how it relates to relationships.

We all have inner chatter that exists in our heads. As Kramer pointed out in Seinfeld, “The little man knows all, what does the little man say?” Of course, George’s response was that his little man is an idiot…but I digress. The point is, we all use past experiences and beliefs to construct an idea or a concept of something. When you enter into a new relationship with someone, are you truly experiencing them for who they are or are you trying to mold them or yourself into a concept of what you think the relationship should be? For most of us, I believe it is the latter.

How is this important or applicable to a successful gym experience?

Concept vs. Experience
Goals are not only crucial to success, but they provide a framework of specifics to achieve them. It is important to realize that much more time is spent on the trip than on the goal itself. In the past, while I have been fortunate enough to accomplish many of my goals, it came with the cost of being moderately miserable and frustrated along the way. I had a preconceived notion, a concept, of where I should be and how quickly I should get there. The point being, I rarely enjoyed the actual experience of whatever I was doing. I was hardly ever present, operating in the now, actually experiencing.

The problem with the concept of something is that you are operating from the past, not the now. Just because things unfolded a certain way in the past does not mean they will unfold that way in the present. You are not your life situation. Staying in the present moment, really experiencing the event, leaves the bag of expectations and frustrations at the door. What this has done for me, is created a ton more energy. When life doesn’t match your concept of what it should be, and it rarely does, you create resistance. While resistance is great for the muscles, it’s not so great for the mind. Operating in the now, being present and being engaged, creates more energy as well as releases your mind from the constant evaluation of your situation. You will have more fun and you will enjoy the trip.

Instead of trying to fit your gym experience, whatever that may be for you, into a preconceived concept, just show up and enjoy the experience of whatever the task is that day.

Stay present, my friends.