Coach’s Lab 6: The Proper Way to DB Row

Rowing is great movement for balance in our scapular muscles, as well we building strength and muscle in our upper body. However, these benefits are only received if you pay close attention to proper rowing technique.

FAULT: Rowing high on the pec = Engaging the upper scapular muscles. Supporting scapular imbalance.

FIX: Row low on the ribs = Engaging the middle/lower scapular muscles. Creating scapular balance.

Don’t turn the row into an upper trap movement (“show” traps). When speaking to the back, we want lats, rhomboids, lower trap, and erectors. We DON’T want upper trap. It gets worked plenty in many lifts. The Row is designed to balance that, not further add to to it.

Dave Thomas Performance360 Coach Trainer-Dave Thoma