Coach’s Lab 10: Strength 202

Coaches, we are happy to announce our FCC certification weekend, open to the public for the first time in six years, November 3rd – 5th in San Diego, CA. For more information, and how to apply for this knowledge filled 3-day weekend, visit the official FCC page. The following is a video excerpt from weekend material. 

“Just lift heavy and you’ll get stronger”. The age old advice that’s always been prescribed as a fix all in the realm of strength training. I’ve said it. If you’re a coach, you’ve said it. And while you absolutely wouldn’t be wrong in saying it, I’d like you to reflect on what your reaction would be if your athlete asked you to explain why they have become stronger, or tougher yet, why they haven’t. Could you answer it? Could you tell them all the characteristics that have increased their strength? Could you pinpoint areas in your control you can work on to get them there?

Heavy training is certainly strong training, but it would be a mistake to think that “add more weight” is the only prescription that’s required.

Today, we are going to dip our toes in the deep end, and we’ll show you what goes in behind the curtain into our athlete development at Performance360, address our definition of strength training, the factors at play in getting you stronger, and where you might be able to see some opportunities in your own knowledge of training or coaching strength.


Dave Thomas Performance360 Coach Trainer-Dave Thomas