Performance360 Coach’s Academy \\ Level 1

“My graduate education has not given me a fraction of the practical skills that I just learned this weekend. This was real world, real life practical application. We’re going over things as a group and then we’re addressing them right away.”

-Matt Mandel
Masters, Exercise Physiology

June 16-17 in San Diego, California 

Open to the public for the first time last November, our Level 1 Performance360 Coach’s Academy was a sell out success. In our upcoming May weekend sequel, we’ve added brand new material to make it even more impactful for coaches everywhere and those aspiring to be.  


About the Weekend

The Performance360 Coach’s Academy weekend bursts at the seams in bringing you our most essential components of our rigorous apprenticeship required to become at coach at Performance360, and what has laid the foundation for our gym to grow into three San Diego locations and thousands of athletes coached yearly.

It is a weekend without any fillers in which you will be absorbing our course curriculum highlights.

Leadership Based Coaching

Right in your local market, there are, what? Ten coaches who do the exact same thing as you? Twenty? Fifty? The cold, harsh reality is that as a coach, what you know is not special. It’s how you apply and communicate it that separates boom from bust.

Learn the science of how to effectively communicate your knowledge, and separate yourself from your local herd by creating an understanding of our three-part process of effective, leadership based coaching.


This weekend is about learning how to connect with your athletes and clients through science and psychology, the ability to write adaptive, industry disrupting programs, and extend your athlete-coach relationship past a one night stand and into marriage.

Performance360 FCC Coach's Weekend 2018

17 Academy Takeaways

  1. How to progress someone from Day 1 to Day 1,000 and take them safely and effectively from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced.

  2. A diverse library of corrective cues for big movements.

  3. Hands on, practical application of the 3 forms of athlete learning.

  4. The knowledge of how to create longer relationship lifespans of your clients.

  5. How to write better programs with the 3 critical concepts for adaptive program design.

  6. How to apply the 9 points of effective coaching.

  7. What to look for and how to coach tighter deadlifts, squats, cleans, jerks, snatches, kettlebell movements, gymnastic, and calisthenics.

  8. Why your educational prep phase of the workout is the most important thing you’ll do as a coach, and how to make it killer.

  9. How to communicate with your athlete through story, not fitness jargon.

  10. A significant improvement in movement selection for Anaerobic and Aerobic conditioning workouts.

  11. Critical areas to immediately correct with your programming.

  12. A better understanding of athlete psychology and behavioral motivations so that you can form stronger coaching bonds.

  13. Knowing how to overcome the most glaring pitfalls of functional fitness coaching and programming.

  14. How to own a room and set tone for every workout.

  15. Better grasp what causes injury and how to work with injured athletes.

  16. How to better pair movements within a workout to make a workout more productive and less destructive.

  17. Progressions and assessments for Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull, and Jump.


The weekend features roughly a 50/50 split between practical, on your feet work and seated note taking lecture.

The curriculum is broken down into three main blocks: Design. Teach. Lead. 

SATURDAY: “Design”

7:30 – Welcome & “Why” of the Weekend.
7:40 – Pro gramming Break Out
8:00 Lecture: PSC Fundamentals
9:45Lecture: “DESIGN” Block A [STRENGTH 202]
10:30 – Partner Practical
11:30 – Practical Feedback
11:45Lecture: “DESIGN” Block B [CONDITIONING]
12:30 – GRUB
1:30 – Partner Practical
2:15 – 
Practical Feedback
2:30 – 
4:00 – Lecture: “DESIGN” Block D [INJURY]
4:30 – Partner Practical
5:30 – Finish

SUNDAY: “Teach” + “Lead”

7:30 – Questions from Previous Day
7:45Partner Practical
8:45 Practical Feedback
9: Lecture: “TEACH” Block
11 – Partner Practical
12 Practical Feedback
12:30 – GRUB
2 – Lecture: “LEAD” Block
3:15 – Partner Practical
4:15Practical Feedback
4:30 – Day 1 Programming Re-Visit
5:15 – What’s Next?
5:30 – Finish

Congrats to P360 Weightlifting

Why is our gym successful, and what does that have to do with the Coach’s Weekend?

Our system works and the track record of our growth proves it. 

  • We opened in 2011 in a converted 1,900 square foot boathouse.

  • By 2013, we had 400 athletes.

  • By 2014, we opened a second gym to accommodate the overgrowth.

  • By 2017, we hit nearly 700 athletes.

  • In 2018, we opened a third gym.

  • We keep members at a 96.5% yearly retention rate.

  • We feature one of the lowest rates of injury in functional fitness.

  • By all industry metrics, our gym is one of the highest performing in the country. In its most competitive market.

How are we able to pull off those numbers in the cutthroat market of San Diego? How are we able to triple and quadruple national averages when there are competitors that do the exact same thing that we do down the street, up the road, and around the corner? How are we able to do this as an independent gym that has no affiliations, no partners, and no backing of any kind whatsoever?

  1. We dedicate enormous resources towards our collective understanding of the coaching craft.

  2. Our programming knowledge is backed by more collective industry education than any gym in our market.

  3. Our culture is focused on inclusion, not exclusion, and combining levels through adaptive programming that yield a concentrated dose of community.

None of our success is circumstantial. In fact, in the past year three gyms have opened up on our block in the hopes of capturing some of residual magic. You can. By attending this weekend and getting an inside look into our philosophies.

Who Is This Weekend For?

Our inaugural weekend was sold out across the board and contained coaches from many points along the spectrum. This weekend is for you if you are a:

CrossFit (TM) Coach
Personal Trainer
Sport Performance Coach
S&C Pro
Gym Owners

Aspiring Coach
Eager Athlete


“Things are going well since the weekend. I still reference our Coach’s Weekend weekly when training clients and teaching class. It really helped me to get back to what’s most important and I have unofficially been steering the ship thus far at our gym in regards to programming.

I have taken more of a “Head Coach” role this year and led 3-4 trainer workshops among my co-workers to be sure we are all up to speed on certain movements and logistics of group classes. I stay pretty plugged in to what you guys got going on through social media. I listen to your podcasts and pretty much treat all avenues with the idea that I am a member at P360.

So in a sense you all have been helping me this whole time so thank you for always just putting out solid content and great energy.”

-Adam Alfaro
Performance360 Coach’s Academy Participant

“I’ve used the information and tips from the coaches weekend quite a bit as I’ve been transitioning from personal training to group training.

Having done several other certifications and seminars, I really believe yours was one of the best I’ve been to. I know I definitely learned more than in any other. I do want to let you know how much I enjoy working with all of the coaches at P360. I feel like the coaching system you have in place is pretty damn awesome.

Also, congrats on the new location! It’s good to see the growth of the gym and how the community continues to expand.”

-Caleb Dewey
Performance360 Coach’s Academy Participant