[VIDEO]: Tie In to Buy In

In this video of our Fall Academy, Coach Chris talks about a concept we call “Tie In to Buy In”. Meaning, how can you get folks to buy into an other boring movement? You know the type. Usually bodyweight or lightly loaded, sometimes slow moving based on tempo, activation, and other seemingly unexciting things.

How can we as coaches get the athlete engaged and excited to perform the otherwise boring?

ANSWER: By tying the benefit of said boring movement into how it will help or benefit a more exciting movement.

For something like the hollow hold, we could talk about the following benefits:

  1. How a focused effort to drive the low back into the floor will help prevent or reverse Anterior Pelvic Tilt and frequent low back soreness.
  2. How maintaining positional rigidity is going to transfer over to pull-ups (like Chris suggests).
  3. What else?

What do you think? Is this a part of your practice? Or, do you take the more common approach of glossing over these movements and never diving into their benefits?

-Dave Thomas


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