The Crux of Highly Effective Teaching

As coaches, we have the opportunity to approach coaching from the perspective of what, how, or why. WHAT are we doing today, HOW are we going to perform it, and WHY are we doing it in the first place? While we as coaches are obviously going to incorporate all three into our collective practice, a focus on why needs to serve as the foundation for all that you communicate.

Only a focus upon why ties together your training with their goals. Without that combination, you lose the room.

What Why How

As Simon Sinek routinely reinforces in his bestseller Start With Why, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Put into the context of our coaching, can we not say that people don’t buy what to do, they buy why do it?

Center your communication around the reason for the movement selection or workout. Always pre-answer the question that the room is always curious to know: “Why are we here today?”

If you can do that, you’ll prove that you relate to the room and are a leader, not a dictator.

-Dave Thomas


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