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  • How to progress someone from Day 1 to Day 1,000 without the need for them to go elsewhere.
  • The BecomeMore 5 Pillars of Leadership, and how to use them in your setting to generate longer client relationships.

Performance360 BecomeMore Coach Academy


  • A diverse library of corrective cues for Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, kettlebell, dumbbell, and calisthenics.
  • Hands on workshops of the 3 forms of learning.
  • Understanding and spotting the complexities of movement faults.
  • Understanding arousal state and how to tailor motivation vs. instruction to each individual.
  • When to use internal and external cuing, as well as positive and negative language scenarios.
  • The 4 major group fitness archetypes and how to best get through to them.

Performance360 BecomeMore Coach Academy


  • How to select the right tone and language to succinctly and effectively communicate to a group.
  • How to effectively reach more people without watering yourself down by understanding the principles of being a strengths-based coach.
  • Leveraging the linguistic science of Ted Talks for better coaching communication.
  • How to use the Steve Jobs principle of messaging to make your cues digestible.

BecomeMore Coach Academy


  • The four phases of progression and adaptation, and how to apply them appropriately based on need.
  • Why peak performance isn’t healthy, and how to communicate in a way that both encourages and discourages the correct demographics.
  • Understanding the Strength-Speed Continuum and alternative methodology for developing strength other than load.
  • Acute vs. chronic injury types and how to prevent them as a Coach.

Performance360 BecomeMore Coach Academy


  • How to upgrade your programming using adaptive program design.
  • Why the 5R set is king in fitness and considerations for implementation.
  • Micro, meso, and macrocyle programming considerations to properly design a twelve month group program.
  • Striking the proper mental and physical balance between testing and training.


Performance360 2018 Fall Coaches Academy

Adam Campbell

“Having the opportunity to sit down with a new partner every time forces you to put it into terms that will benefit each different individual.”

-Adam Campbell, Power Athlete & CrossFit Coach

Update: Since attending, Adam was hired as an Assistant Coach at Performance360.


Josh Hubby

“Building the WHY into our coaching. How to connect with people on an emotional level versus just providing the instruction…those takeaways were huge for us a gym.”

-Josh Hubby, Temecula Gym Owner 

“My Masters Degree has not given me a fraction of the practical coaching skills that I just learned this weekend.”

-Matt Mandel
Masters, Exercise Physiology

Timmie Standridge Performance360 FCC Weekend

“The practicals. Really learning how to coach one-one-one. That was big for me. I really enjoyed the weekend. I would do it again, and I can’t wait for the next one.”

-Timmie Standridge, Coach


“Things are going extremely well since the weekend. I still reference our Coach’s Weekend weekly when training clients and teaching class. It really helped me to get back to what’s most important.”

-Adam Alfaro, Coach

“I loved this weekend. Being thrust into the coach’s role throughout the weekend. It was just a lot of fun and I left with a ton of great takeaways.”

-Skye Halliday, Coach