Our Purpose:

We serve the group fitness coach in the niche of strength and conditioning. We want to help you run better classes, communicate better, develop your leadership, increase your practical application, grow your facility, and positively impact as many lives as possible. 

Whether you are trying to grow your gym or get your first client, our principles and methodology will help. 


The biggest problem for many strength and conditioning coaches is not the database of technical knowledge they possess, but the lack of ability to communicate that information in a way that continuously pushes their career forward.

Simply put, most coaches bury themselves in understanding the what and the how, and never adequately explore how to connect upon what truly drives client behaviors and motivations: the why.

The Coaching Academy Weekend is designed to enhance your communication and leadership abilities within a room, leading to:

  • More clients.
  • More members taking your class.
  • More coaching breakthrough moments.
  • Stronger expertise and enhanced trust.
  • Becoming a more professional coach.


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