Coach Ellie’s 3 Tips for Better Workouts

Written by Ellie Wiersma

Hey, guys. Today I wanted to share three quick tips to improve your workouts.

1. Know the Focus — The same movement should be performed two different ways depending on if it’s a STRENGTH or CONDITIONING day. Strength days are about heavier load at less volume to challenge the muscle’s ability. Conditioning days are about less load and more volume to challenge muscle endurance.

2. When In Doubt, Go Heavier with Intent — Most people leave a lot of progress on the table by going too light, and too fast. Slow it down and go up a size/weight.

3. Lose the Soft Foam Shoes – Runners aren’t great for strength training. You lose force production and balance. The better choice is a hard sole functional fitness cross trainer.

These make a huge difference, so hopefully you can see some benefit from them.