Coach Ashley Earns P360 Level 3 Coach Certification

Most members have no idea that Coach Ashley started out as member here eight years ago, back when we had just one location in Mission Beach (shout out, Mission Bay Sportcenter). Over the years, Ashley’s interests began to drift more and more into coaching and she was hired as an Assistant Coach upon completing the P360 Coach Academy back in 2018.

Since then, Ashley has carved out her own style on the floor at P360 and slowly become one of our most popular coaches, blending a friendly personality with a deep knowledge base and wide array of coaching tools. She was worked her way up the coaching ladder, and most recently completed and passed her Level 3 Certification project which is a multi week assignment where coaches are asked to document real time fault corrections that they make in class, develop and articulate their own program design cycle that demonstrates scalability and effectiveness, and received our highest standard of performance evaluation for strength of communication.

Passing it is no small task as Coach Ashley becomes one of just six coaches at Performance360 to achieve Level 3 status.

Coach Ashley routinely invests in her growth and education and we are so unbelievably proud to see her go from home grown talent to outstanding industry coach.