Clean Slate Nutrition Coaching

**Lenny is not taking new clients at the moment**

How many calories should I eat? How big should my portions be? Should I be eating carbs? What should I eat pre and post workout? Should I be avoiding fats? Which fats are healthy and which are not? I want to lose fat but don’t know how to design a meal plan. How can I tailor my plan to improve my performance? What are weight loss appropriate snacks? I can follow a meal plan for a little, but then I always seem to stray.

Coach Lenny can help.

Lenny is our Head Nutrition Coach. His strong belief in the benefits of nutrition come from the physical, mental and emotional progress that occur when one makes healthy eating a priority in their lives.  A student of premier sports nutritionist Dr. John Berardi and three time National Champion IFBB Pro Jeff Willet, Lenny brings a philosophy that nutrition coaching should not be dogmatic or cookie cutter, but rather an individualized plan based on each person’s needs and goals. Lenny’s passion for fitness is contagious and he brings a high level of energy and commitment to all of his students.

Lenny is a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach.

The Clean Slate Nutrition Program Includes:

  • 90 Days of Coaching.
  • Custom Breakdown of Your Macros
  • Individual Data Collection including pictures (optional) and measurements.
  • Access to Tracking Spreadsheet to Monitor Progress.
  • Text & Email Support.

Ideally, this is done in a partner situation so if you have a friend to sign-up with, please get started together. If you don’t have someone to sign-up with, we’ll try to partner you with another one of our clients.

Spaces are very strictly limited to ensure quality control.

Cost: $99/month with 3-month minimum

**Lenny is not taking new clients at the moment**