Written by Chloe Manese
Performance360 Member

Starting a new exercise regime can be a daunting thing. It’s a lot like starting a hike up a monstrous hill. You look up and think, “There’s no way I’ll ever get there”.

When I first heard of P360 I initially wrote it off because I was intimidated by a lot of the intense movements that those workouts were comprised of. But the name P360 started coming up in numerous conversations with people I didn’t quite peg as extreme “Cross Fit” people. I finally took the plunge and attended my first trial with a few friends. Feeling slightly out of place and nervous, those feelings began to melt away as that class continued.

I was working out with an assortment of different people – and I thought a handful were newbies like me. Wrong! They were moving weight with such confidence, ambition, and strength. It was extremely humbling. That was my first big step up the hill.

Soon P360 became a regular part of my routine. I still got nervous and still felt a little intimidated, but I pushed down all those uncomfortable feelings to focus on my goals. I received friendly introductions from the coaches and they welcomed me with sincerity. They remembered my name when I came back. There were familiar faces of other members, accompanied by smiles and sweaty high-fives. Turns out no one shunned me or judged me because I was new. In fact, they were extra encouraging. I was feeling part of the community after only a few weeks of membership. And then I continued upward – 10 more pounds on the barbell one day, 5 more push ups the next week…it was really reassuring seeing that progress!


I made a promise to myself to be here now – to be present in the gym and focus on giving everything I have for those 40 minutes. I promised to invest in myself with this training because it makes me feel happy, not because it would impress strangers at the beach. When I adapted that mindset of self-worth, mixed it with the positive attitude of this community and added the gym’s variety of workout programming, I really started seeing results that were beyond physical. I had more mental stamina and muscle endurance than when I was running 4+ miles every other day and going to spin class 6 times a week. And that’s the thing with P360. I leave the gym each time making small but positive progressions – leaving stronger than I was when I walked through the doors.

Each workout is a tiny stone. And over a week those little stones equate to a big rock. As the weeks compound into a month, two months, six months and more, those rocks make a mountain. Just when I thought I was climbing one, I looked back and realized I’m building my own mountain of change.

Being part of this gym has been life changing. But I’m not talking life-changing with an epiphany ah-ha moment. It’s all those consistent wins of a little progress here and there that amount to the accomplishment of becoming the best version of myself, both physically and mentally.

That’s what keeps me motivated. And that’s why I love building my mountain at P360.

That’s how I Become More.

Chloe Manese has been a member of Performance360 for six months.

Performance360 was founded in 2011 and is home to the Type P. With two locations in Pacific Beach, P360 has three times been a finalist for Best Gym in San Diego.