16 03, 2015

Limber Up! – Lats & T-Spine

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by Julianne Russell ERY-T 200 Coach As we have written about on the P360 website before, the lats are a hugely involved muscle group.  We use them in every pulling motion from a pull-up, to deadlift, to clean and much, much more.  Since they are such a large, prominent muscle group that we depend upon [...]

12 03, 2015

5 Movements for a Better Butt: Part 2

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              by Dave Thomas CPT-NSCA, USAW, RKC "There is nothing more physically pleasing on a man or woman than a nicely developed heiny." - Isaac Newton If you are going to be vain on a body part, make it your arse.  The better the development of your glutes, aside [...]

4 03, 2015

February Members of the Month

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We are back for another edition of P360 members of the month! For those of you wondering how we decide on this, our entire staff gets a thread going at the end of every month.  We all nominate individuals and at the end of it, we vote.  This award always feels a bit incomplete because [...]

18 02, 2015

The Easiest Way to Kick Start Fat Loss?

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How one simple trick can lead to a 10lb fat loss in 14 days.   By Dave Thomas Certified Nutrition Coach The following is a modified post from our sister nutrition website, The Dirty Fork.  Subscriber Sarah Ellis lost 10 pounds in 14 days as a result of the no sugar challenge. What's the easiest [...]