701, 2014

Ashley’s Primal Eats: One Cook Meal

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by Ashley Randall

Happy New Year, guys!

Thanks to a talk with friends a few weeks ago I’m going to do this recipe a bit different.  Rather than provide just a single recipe, I’ve got a one-cook meal that will carry over into several different meals depending how you want to use it. It can all be […]

1211, 2013

Ashley’s Primal Eats: Sesame Ahi Tuna & Coconut Quinoa

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By Ashley Randall

I was so inspired by the food, the flavors and the fresh ingredients during my recent in Bali that I had to bring some of that back here to you guys for my next recipe. This simple yet flavorful, very easy dinner idea is going to be sure and satisfy, and the best […]

2907, 2013

Ashley’s Primal Eats: Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Boats

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It’s back!  Another kick ass recipe for which to fill that belly! These spicy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins from Half Baked Harvest are an awesome twist on the junky and tired starchy potato skins.  Rather than leave you feeling full and sluggish like the greasy, cheesy, trans fatty restaurant potato skins, these will leave you energized […]

2006, 2013

Ashley’s Primal Eats: Breakfast Bacon and Sausage Amazeballs

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I get a lot of questions from people about recipes that don’t have eggs in them, so I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes from www.paleomg.com/ There are no eggs and no nuts in these.

These are perfect to make in advance and then heat up in the morning when your running out the door, or […]

1106, 2013

Ashley’s Primal Eats: Almond Flour Coffee Cake

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I have a really great lazy weekend breakfast option for you guys today that you will not be able to tell is actually grain and sugar free.  Just be careful, you’re going to be sneaking little bites of it all day… if it makes it past breakfast.
Almond Flour Coffee Cake
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 35 […]

2405, 2013

Ashley’s Primal Eats: Memorial Day BBQ Edition

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OK guys so this week I’ve got two MIND BLOWING treats coming your way! With the long week coming and BBQs all over the place these two quick ideas are great for everyday or to kick ass at a BBQ.

As you have all come to know by now I’m all about clean eating that still […]

205, 2013

Ashley’s Primal Eats: Coconut Strawberry Pancakes

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Pancakes are without a doubt one of my favorite foods and I’m always looking for ways to make cleaner, healthier versions.  This is a great recipe that I use to satisfy the cravings of pancakes while still staying on track with my own body composition goals.

For those of you who struggle waking up early enough […]

2404, 2013

Ashley’s Primal Eats: Rosemary Chicken in Red Wine Sauce

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Note: We’re introducing a new segment called Ashley’s Primal Eats that features recipes from her kitchen and daily diet.  Ashley knows a lot about nutrition, follows the latest trends closely and has a lot to share with everyone on ways to eat better with healthy, delicious meals.

Hi, guys!  I’m really excited to be able to […]

2106, 2012

Food for Thought

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Busy morning so this is not proof read.  Just wanted to shoot out a quick, easy entry on diet for our members as I am fully aware that summer months tend to kick the “fat loss” mindset into overdrive.

Before we get to the suggestions and meal planning, it’s important that you have a positive mindset […]

507, 2011

P360 Training Insider: Quinoa, Wounded Warrior & Referrals

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Happy Tuesday, gang.   I am assuming that everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend since the weather was completely perfect.  It was certainly a nice three day weekend but now it’s time to get back to work and back in the gym!  We have a lot to cover once again so let’s get to […]