1007, 2012

26 Down, 124 to Go!

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‘1 for 1’ Referral Contest
we’ve been a bit slacking on promoting and tracking this contest but so far we actually off to a great start!  Our goal was for every person to refer just one member before the end of summer and if that happens, we pay for a huge weekend excursion on P360’s dime!

Right […]

406, 2012

Earn 50% Off Your Month

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Good morning, guys.  Hope that you all had a nice weekend, we’re back today with another newsletter after being off for a while due to the Olympics, etc.

Let’s do this.
Earn 50% Off!
With last month’s $300 cash referral contest in the books (Kylee Newman the winner) we are now into the thick of the 1 for […]

2304, 2012

‘1 for 1’ Member Challenge

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We’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get right to it.
‘1 for 1’ Referral Challenge
We’ve been slacking a little on promoting this challenge but it hits the ground running this week big time.

As a reminder, here are the details:
Our goal is to have every single member refer just one new member by August 1st.



Now, […]

204, 2012

Referral Edition: MUST READ

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Hey, guys.  Hope you all had a nice weekend and had fun with whatever you did.  I can only speak for 50 of you but I know that little group enjoyed themselves on the bus on Saturday.  Don’t worry if you were unable to make it, we’ll surely do it again soon.

We have some really […]

1203, 2012

Upcoming Events and New Classes

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Good morning, everyone.  We hope you guys had a great weekend and enjoyed whatever you did.

We have some very important information and exciting information to share in this newsletter so we’re going to get right into it.
P360 Turns 1! – 5/19
As you may have seen on the board at the gym or floating around Facebook, […]

2702, 2012

P360 Newsletter: Photo Contest, Brewery Bus, Specialty Classes

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Hello, guys and gals!  Hope you guys had a great weekend.

On a personal note, I could not be more excited to crush myself in a workout after one absurd weekend in New York City with my friends.  So, if you had a rough weekend then we’re in this together and we’ll get through it today.

We […]

602, 2012

P360 Newsletter: Big Bear Official

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Good morning, ladies and gents.  Hope that you all had a nice weekend and we are guessing those from the greater Manhattan area are on cloud nine right now.  To that, I say congratulations…and that my Redskins beat you twice this year.


Bitter Betty
Big Bear, 2/17
We don’t have much new news in this Newsletter but wanted […]

3001, 2012

P360 Newsletter: Huge Week, Feb. Big Bear & More

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Good morning, guys.  Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the nice weather.  77 and sunny on January 28th.

NBD and in your face, East Coast.
February Big Bear Trip
After a January hiatus from a P360 Social Event we’ll be coming back strong in February and currently trying to gauge interest on a potential trip to […]

301, 2012

New Year, New Fun, New Training

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Oh what up 2012?! I can’t believe you are already here, you rascal. You are freaking EARLY to this party!

2011 was arguably the fastest year of my life. I can’t believe it came and went as quickly as it did and considering this is the last year of civilization, we need to make it a […]

2712, 2011

Final 2011 Newsletter

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I cannot believe it has been eight months since we first opened doors at Performance360.  It has been a combination of extremely fun, nerve wracking, exciting, stressful but most off all we feel genuinely privileged to have the group of members we currently have at the gym.

I think you know Pritz and I well enough […]