3110, 2013

Feedback from Your October Suggestions

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Thanks for another great month of suggestions.  As always guys, our honest feedback where we talk to you guys like people and not patronize you.
Yes, We’re Adding!
Community Give Back

This is something we have wanted to plan for a while, the trick is finding the right event and the right time.  We have called and spoken […]

110, 2013

Feedback from September Suggestions

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Hey, guys.  Another great month of suggestions from you all and we’ll do our best to answer them all right here.  As always, the only way we operate is open door.  Some suggestions made the cut, some didn’t and remember it’s nothing personal if we choose not to implement your idea.

Yes, We’re Adding!
Diverse Jump Rope […]

209, 2013

Feedback from August Suggestions

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Hey, guys!  As most of you saw and a lot of you participated, we have a brand new section of the board where we are taking your feedback and ideas to constantly make Performance360 better.

As you can imagine, the staff is spread pretty thin and a lot of things we unintentionally overlook due to complacency […]

109, 2013

30 Day Transformation Challenge is Back!

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We are incredibly excited to announce the return of the 30 Day October Challenge after a campaign so successful in 2012, we had no choice but to bring back the fat loss madness.

First, some hard statistics from the 150 participants we had in 2012.

94.5% of participants lost weight.

49% lost more than 5 pounds.

29.62% average strength […]

1608, 2013

Introducing Your New P360 Coaches!

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We are both extremely proud and excited to introduce your new P360 Level I Certified Coaches, Robby Sparango and Raechel Campbell!

If you’ve ever had a conversation with Robby or Raechel, then surely you like them as people, a very basic requirement of anyone who trains at Performance360.  Second, they both displayed a very impressive understanding […]

1804, 2013

So Many Activities!

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It is good to be back!

First and foremost, the lay off on providing a consolidated source of news and happenings in the gym has been unacceptable on our end.  We missed a week, we missed two weeks and next thing you know we were treating the newsletter like Gretchen treats Tamra (sigh).

However, the positive side […]

3012, 2012

All Things New Year

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Good morning, P360’ers.  We hope you guys had a great holiday with your friends or family and that everyone traveled safely to and from their destination.

We have some very important announcements so please read everything below.
Win a TV or Tablet!
We received a lot of feedback from you guys in December that you’d rather we run this […]

2511, 2012

P360Insider: Pre-New Year’s Goal Edition

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Happy Sunday, guys.  Hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving weekend and got plenty fat from delicious food.  Now it’s time to get back to business and the task at hand.  Just because winter is upon us and the sun goes down a little earlier doesn’t mean we neglect our goals now does it?

It’s been […]

511, 2012

Results from the Performance360 October Challenge

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When we brain stormed the idea of a 30-Day, balls to the wall personal challenge we didn’t really know what to expect.  We didn’t know how much it would be embraced, how well everyone would stick to it and honestly, what could truly be accomplished in just four short weeks.

After seeing the dust settle after […]

2708, 2012

30 Day Transformation Challenge

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Good morning P360 faithful!  Hope you guys had a great weekend and are as excited about the end of summer as we are.  Soon, we get our parking lot back, kids will be gone, tourists no longer taking up the road with segways and we’ll be on our own private island again.  Way to make […]