7 03, 2018

THUR: “Chalk Talk”, with Coach Brenna Bulach

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THUR: "Chalk Talk", with Coach Brenna Bulach **P360 Ocean Beach First 50 Initiative -- Enrollment Now Open** Today we sit down and chat with long-time coach, and longer-time member, Brenna Bulach. Very few people realize you're one of our longest time members. Talk a little about your joining and years of experience as a member [...]

3 08, 2017

Are Your Hamstrings Holding You Back?

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Are Your Hamstrings Holding You Back? Written by Brenna Bulach When it comes to being a well-rounded gym rat, it’s difficult to make sure that all of our muscle groups develop evenly to prevent imbalances. Usually the more aesthetic muscle groups steal all the attention - the quads, deltoids, abs - and  there’s an extremely [...]