2 11, 2019

“What Rep Count Should I Choose?”

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"What Rep Count Should I Choose?" Written by Dave Thomas Understand that in every single workout that you do here, you will get stronger, burn fat, and build muscle. Every single one. Building strength, burning fat, building muscle. THAT'S WHAT MARYLAND DOES. However, here you have the free will to pull the strings on which [...]

31 10, 2019

OB Members of The Month: Block 7

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Kami Olavarria Kami is probably one of the most open, friendly, and engaging members we have.  She is always encouraging to fellow members, asking questions to the coaches, and applying herself at the highest level.  Her fitness arc is a pleasure to watch.  She came into the gym, soaking up the experience, learning movements properly [...]

24 10, 2019

P360 Holiday Party, aka “Prom”: Friday, December 6th

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P360 Holiday Party, aka "Prom": Friday, December 6th When: Friday, December 6th Time: 7p - 12:00a Where: Marina Village, Sunset Room What: Open Bar, DJ, Dancing Attire: Look Amazing Cost: $60 per person (Venmo: @Bryan-Pritz, Paypal: Bryan@Perform-360.com) Who: All P360 Members and a Guest   With just 140 tickets available due to legal room capacity, [...]

13 10, 2019

Why Your Scale Shouldn’t Be Trusted

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Why Your Scale Shouldn't Be Trusted Written by Dave Thomas It's not the scale is evil, it's just that it's kind of like you as a teenager. You gave your parents the surface level of what they needed to know, but the important details, you kept hidden. Using the scale as your only source of [...]

4 10, 2019

Intra Workout Tips, Part 1: Boost Your Second Tier

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Intra Workout Tips, Part 1: Boost Your Second Tier Written by Dave Thomas The last two blogs have been about thirty thousand foot principles, more of compass on how to guide yourself with fitness rather than a down and dirty "how-to." Today, I'd like to switch gears a little bit and give you some hard, [...]

28 09, 2019

Why More Cardio Is Not The Answer to Burn Fat

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Why More Cardio Is Not The Answer to Burn Fat Written by Dave Thomas The simple act of burning fat is a Frankenstein of pseudo scientific nonsense, with everything from detox tea on the far ranging bullshit end of the spectrum, to sound diet and consistent exercise on the incredibly reasonable and effective opposite side [...]

18 09, 2019

OB Members of Block 6 “Endless Summer”

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Victor Olavarria Victor came to the gym as a very literal newbie to this strength training. He wasn't scared to learn and put the work in, and he wasn't deterred by finding things difficult and working his butt off to pass Phase 1 and get progressing along to building some serious strength. He has not [...]

17 09, 2019

Building Strength vs. Adding Muscle: The Whole Burrito

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Building Strength vs. Adding Muscle: The Whole Burrito by Dave Thomas One aspect of our training in which we've always prided ourselves upon is that within the framework of our twice weekly strength focused days, you get a choice: strength or muscle, which is really performance or physique. After all it's your goals that matter, [...]

16 09, 2019

PB Members of the Month: BLOCK 6

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PB Members of the Month: BLOCK 6 Shelby Singer "Shelby is probably the nicest person in the gym to pair with a new member. She's changed her body composition substantially through the nutrition program and in the gym. This year it just seems like she's learned a lot about what she's capable of and uses [...]

4 09, 2019

Schedule Update for BLOCK 7

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SCHEDULE UPDATE FOR BLOCK 7 Gang, we've got some exciting news. In order to create much greater consistency and PSC frequency, we'll be moving to the following schedule effective at the start of BLOCK 7 (September 16th). Every night now has the same, full lineup of PSC offerings which will finally allow us to program [...]