Founded in 2011 by former college baseball teammates, Dave Thomas and Bryan Pritz, Performance360™ was opened in San Diego under the following mission statement: “To help everyday men and women use fitness to Become More™”, centered around two core principles.

  • Group fitness should be about community, not competition.
  • Group fitness should be team centric, not isolated. 

Since 2011, the Performance360™ methodology has maintained its commitment to workouts that include barbell strength, athletic bodybuilding, and high intensity finishers – yielding the most complete and well rounded workout available in group fitness.


P360 Franchising – Q&A with Chief Operating Officer, Lenny Weiner


Lenny has gone from member, to coach, to owner of P360 Ocean Beach to now our brand’s Chief Operating Officer. If he isn’t living proof of what’s available when you commit and immerse yourself, we don’t know who is.

Ashley Level 3 P360


In 2018, Ashley was hired as a part-time coach after being a long-time member. She has since advanced to a Level 3 Coach and is our current Director of Operations at HQ, overseeing our entire team of 16.


In 2018, Mark was hired in response to this page. He was since promoted to General Manager, Director of Operations, and is now owner and Head Coach at P360 Oceanside.


In 2020, John was hired as a part time Coach before quickly moving to full time. In 2021, John was promoted to our Director of Coaching Development where he now trains and develops coaches across the entire P360 ecosytem.


Jenn is another member-to-Level 3 coach success, having grown steadily in both presence and opportunity at P360 HQ until deciding to step out and open P360 Miramar where she serves as partner and coach.


In 2019, Nate went from member-to-coach and has since become one of P360’s best all-time coaches. Now, he owns his own P360 in Imperial Beach, CA.


Dave Thomas // co-founder, CEO

Dave Thomas Performance360 Coach Trainer

12+ years of micro gym ownership, program design experience, and team building. 5,000+ classes coached and the following certifications: CSCS, USA Weightlifting, Onnit Kettlebell, ISSA, OPEX CCP, NSCA, Precision Nutrition and CrossFit 

Bryan Pritz // co-founder, CFO

Bryan Pritz Performance360

12+ years of financial analysis, key behavioral data and metric gathering, customer service, marketing and acquisition automation, and retention best practices.

Lenny Weiner // COO

Lenny Weiner

P360 member-to-owner. 3+ years as a P360 owner operator. Operations background that includes group fitness, pharmacy development, and storage business expansion.