Performance360 employment is built around the concept that coaching means something different to every person. Some want to explore the highest potential of their side hustle, others want to have their passion manifest into a career.

We encourage and employ both.

Performance360 JobsThe title of Coach is something that we treat with the highest of respects, and accordingly, you will join a culture that rigorously pursues the sharpest version of it.


To ensure that you are adequately equipped with the necessary tools to be successful here, all new Coaches follow the same onboarding:

–STEP 1: Certification or current enrollment in one of the following: Any NSCA or ISSA certification or CrossFit Level 2.

–STEP 2: If accepted, become Assistant Coach for (20) classes.

Upon completion of your 20 classes as an Assistant Coach and P360 Level 1 Coach Exam, you are a full Level 1 Coach with your own classes.

To inquire, or to let us know that you’re interested in becoming a Coach, email



Julianne Russell Yoga Instructor

Coach Julianne: From No Experience to Head Coach

Julianne joined as a member in 2013, and started as our yoga teacher.

In 2014, Julianne was hired as a part-time coach.

In 2015, Julianne was promoted to full-time coach.

In 2016, Julianne was promoted to Head Coach. Head boss lady. 

Julianne has a career, not a job.

Lenny Weiner Performance360 Coach

Coach Lenny: From Member to Coach to Owner

Lenny joined as a member in 2015.

In 2017, Lenny was hired as a Coach. 

In 2018, Lenny became a partner for our OB gym, and now runs it full time. 

Lenny fulfilled his lifelong dream.


Mark Highsmith Performance360 Coach

Coach Mark: From Part Time to Full Time in 6 Months

In 2018, Mark applied in response to this page. 

Mark was hired part-time. 

A few months later, Mark was promoted to full-time.

Mark’s a huge part of our community and killin’ it.


–Internal Levels 1, 2, and 3 that advance your growth, opportunity and compensation.

–Monthly Coach Labs where we meet as a team and collaborate on our craft.

–Mentorship underneath a Team Leader for ongoing education.

–$500 per year stipend for continuing education.

–Profit Sharing Plan once tenure is met.

–401(k) and Medical potential for full-time employees.