Gym in Bay Park San Diego

In 2011, we started as an experiment out of an old boathouse, offering just two classes per day. Our fitness philosophy was simple: thoughtfully designed workouts that are effective, progressive, and fun.

Today, we operate three growing San Diego locations while continuing to keep that philosophy at our core, and we are looking for like minded people who share a passion for helping others make fitness a bigger part of their lives.

We are stable after the COVID-19 shutdown and with memberships already on a wait list, we are primed for growth in the new era of gym attendance.

We are currently seeking positive, committed coaches for the following positions.


Ocean Beach

Hours: Part-Time Coach
Weekly Classes: 10 – 15

We are currently looking for a part time Coach to serve at all of our locations, with primary placement in Ocean Beach.

Opened in 2018, our Ocean Beach community has grown to over 200 members already and are looking for someone excited by the thrill of growing a gym through excellent coaching and member experience…



Gym in Bay Park San Diego

While you should have a solid understanding of fitness and movement, more importantly you should be approachable, likable, and genuinely excited about helping others.

You should feel comfortable and confident with weights in your hand. You should have the ability to relate to all levels of fitness, not just your own. You should make people feel welcomed, not intimidated, and the ability to make your classes both productive and fun.

You should understand that our brand and reason for success is because we focus just as much on hospitality as we do on fitness. Disciplinarians not welcome.

You should be a leader but also excited about joining a team with a decade of top-tier success in this industry.

You should expect to be a role model in our culture and community, and energized by participation in a community of highly motivated people.



Performance360 Coaches

Lenny joined as a member in 2015. In 2017, Lenny was hired as a Coach. In 2018, Lenny became a partner for our OB gym, and now runs it full time. 

Lenny fulfilled his lifelong dream of running a gym.


Performance360 Jobs

In 2018, Mark applied in response to this page. Mark was hired as a part-time. In 2019, Mark was promoted to full-time salary and General Manager. Mark is an integral part of Performance360.


Performance360 Jobs

In 2014, Julianne was hired as a part-time coach. In 2015, Julianne was promoted to full-time coach. In 2016, Julianne was promoted to Head Coach, complete with salary, profit sharing, medical, 401k, before moving on in 2019. 


Hannah was hired part time in January of 2020. In June, Hannah was promoted to full-time and now plays an important role across three of our locations.