Are you a P360 member currently interested in our Member-to-Coach program?


→ Founded in 2011 by former college baseball teammates, Dave Thomas and Bryan Pritz, Performance360™ was opened in San Diego under the following mission statement: “To help everyday men and women use fitness to Become More™” and three founding principles:

  • Fitness should about abilities, not calories.
  • Fitness should be welcoming, not intimidating.
  • Fitness should make you feel better, not worse. 

→ We are an independent group fitness facility that follows our own unique PSC program design with equal parts: Physique, Strength, Conditioning (PSC).

→ We are an emerging franchising brand in 2022, with plans to open 5 – 10 locations in San Diego, 3-10 locations in Denver and will be expanding to many other markets around the United States.


Performance360 P360 Franchising

Do you have at least 2+ years experience coaching group fitness, and are highly proficient at teaching the barbell lifts?

Are you a strong communicator who has great energy and a motivating class presence?

We’d love to hear from you.


Lenny Weiner

Performance360 Careers

In 2017, Lenny was hired as a Coach. In 2018, Lenny became a financial partner for our OB gym, and now runs it full time. Lenny started as a Coach and fulfilled his lifelong dream of owning a gym.

Ashley Pritz

Performance360 Careers

In 2018, Ashley was hired as an Assistant Coach. In 2019, she was promoted to Coach. In 2020, she expanded to become Head Nutrition Coach and Director of New Member Experience.

Mark Highsmith

Performance360 Careers

In 2018, Mark was hired in response to this page. In 2019, Mark was promoted to full-time Coach with salary, then to General Manager, and now to Director of Operations in 2021.

John Main

Performance360 Careers

In 2020, John was hired as a part time Coach before quickly moving to full time. In 2021, John was promoted to our Director of Coaching Development.

Hannah Elliott

Performance360 Careers

In 2020, Hannah was hired as a part time Coach. In 2021, she was promoted to a full time coaching and Director of Brand Content.