Where are you from and what brought you to San Diego?
Born and raised right here in sunny San Diego. Went away for college. Started a company.  Came back to San Diego.  Sold company.  Still in San Diego.

What are you most looking forward to about coaching at Performance360?
After being a member for almost 2 years, I saw how special this community is and that everyone genuinely wants to #becomemore. I’m looking forward to helping all of the members accomplish their individual goals while growing the success of the entire P360 community. I’m looking forward to celebrating those small victories that lead to bigger, long-term victories with members.

What do you hope to accomplish with your coaching?
I hope to help members find confidence inside and outside of the gym by helping them accomplish their physical fitness goals. I want to establish an safe environment of support, acceptance, and accountability so that all members, no matter what might be going on outside of the gym, know they are welcome and have an amazing community behind them.

What should people expect with your coaching style?
I’m going to support you and your individual goals in every way possible. I’ll be your cheerleader, your pump-up coach, your mindset guru, and your friend. I’ll identify how I can best help you and ride that train till we are celebrating your victories. I’ll help you feel comfortable about going outside of your comfort zone and push you with kindness and support. If you take a class with me, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

What are your personal philosophies with fitness and nutrition?
“Pass before you spike”. As a collegiate volleyball player, I resonated with the walk before you run mentality. I believe in long-term results through endless small victories. I take a methodical approach to fitness in that everything is done with a purpose that contributes to long-term success. Working out is temporary, but fitness is a long-term lifestyle.

When it comes to nutrition, its all about moderation and balance. Don’t force yourself to eat a salad everyday because you think its “healthy”. That cheeseburger you want to have isn’t going to kill you. Have some fries. It’s fine. Just no need to supersize it. Moderation is key. Most of us aren’t disciplined enough to eat chicken and rice for every meal so don’t even try because that is not a long-term answer. Moderation and balance help you focus on the big picture.

What local food are you crushing and what are you ordering?
Nicos on Newport Ave: California burrito, no pico, add sour cream. Surfside deli in Point Loma: “Just the tip”. OB Deli: Saratoga Ave sandwich on sourdough w/lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mustard, pepperoncinis, oil + vingegar. Bullpen in kearny mesa: Barry’s Chicken.

What’s a fun fact about yourself people would be surprised to learn?
Pretty much everything I say can be attributed to a movie. I know an absurd amount of movie quotes. I also got into every Ivy League college coming out of high school.

Professional Education:

  • International Sports Science Association, GFC (pending)