BLOCK 4 Standout Members

Coaches Shout Outs

Coach Jenn:
“Stephanie Montanarelli: She always asks questions, is always willing to improve her technique and really takes ownership of body weight movements. Plus, she’s always willing to partner with anyone and is always smiling.”

Coach Jules:
Rachel O’Connor: She has been seeking out more feedback from the coaches and surprising herself with major gains in the cycle. Also. Dang she is fast.”

Coach JR:
Brian DiPietro: He’s always eager to receive and implement coaching. Also, regardless of what the workout is, he tackles what’s on the board and is quietly one of the hardest workers in the room.”

Coach Chris:
Tim Spencer: Tim has always been a un-ostentatious, hard worker but lately has been very receptive to coaches challenges, testing himself more in both technical lifts and sloggy Tier 2’s.”

Coach Ashley:
Soli Gomez: She’s a little beast. Asks for feedback, makes it to open gym times. Talks to/is friendly to everyone she encounters and has a consistently positive attitude that can hype up the room!”

Coach Brenna:
Tara Monsod: Has just been killing the game and getting strong as hell. She pushes her limits but is smart about her choices. She’s always asking questions and her traps make me jealous.”

Coach Mark:
“Naureen Farooqui: Down 20 lbs since she joined in December. She tries very hard and has come such a long way since she signed up.” (Mark also nominated Jarek, our male member of the block.)

Coach Lenny:
“Brandon Cherry: Since coming back from injury his training has been super focused. Challenging himself and hitting big numbers in strength movements but knowing when to back off.”

Coach Adam:
“Ryan Pool: I’ve had him almost every Wednesday in OB. When he started with snatches he was super timid, unsure, and hesitant to try much weight. His confidence is grown and he’s moving leaps and bounds better than he was 5 weeks ago.”

Coach Kyle:
Carlie Shepherd: I’ve had her Wednesday’s for the Snatch cycle and she has made great improvements on technique. Quietly kills it. Takes coaching and makes quick adjustments to improve.”

Coach Ryan:
Xico Casillas: Consistently shows up, literally runs as fast as possible always, asks questions, he is super coachable and receptive to feedback, wears a smile from ear to ear, and recently deadlifted his former 1RM for 8.”

Coach Dan:
Connor Kuehnle: Moving weight on snatch days and had a great Mr. Brown time.” (Dan also nominated Alexis, our female member of the block.)

Coach MJ:
Marta Alligood: She is always trying to get the most out of every single workout. Whether it’s challenging herself and going up in weight, or simply just the amount of effort she puts into every movement.”

Coach Abby:
Emily Schall: Really consistent on Mondays. Quiet member but always takes coaching points and asks for feedback when something doesn’t feel well. Super friendly and is awesome with anyone that she pairs up with. She’s a lot stronger than she thinks and has had a lot of improvement on deadlifts this cycle and squats previously.”

Male and Female Winners:

Jarek Morgan

Jarek has been a noticeable hard worker since his first day here last year, yet this cycle he’s really picked it up a notch and caught the attention of our team. He never fails to show up with a great attitude and takes advice as well as anyone we have. He always openly encourages others in his class, and is an awesome member to see show up on your coaching class roster.

How old are you and what do you guys do for work?
32, full-time student majoring in communications as well as government contractor for PAE on Coronado island.

What are you favorite gym movements?
Gym movements I enjoy is power clean because I like the way it works the total body and helps with the explosive power.

Describe your first class here.
My first class was a 10:1 workout. I remember thinking it was gonna be easy and I would breeze through it, not even half way through I was gassed and could barely finish. After that I knew I had to keep coming just so I could do that workout again and perform better.

If you were an X-Men, what would your super power be?
I would be Batman and if Batman is not considered an X-Men then I would still be Batman.

What’s an embarrassing story about yourself?
I went and got a pedicure with my mom and girlfriend Colby and I think I enjoyed it more than the 2 of them combined.

If you could be in any band or group, which would it be and what instrument?
I would be in Destiny’s Child as a back up singer for Beyoncé.

What is your most valuable bit of coaching advice you’ve received here?
Jules and Mark always give me great advice during tough workouts, but at the end I’m always told that next class or next week is another chance to get better so don’t give up.

What’s a super secret talent that you have?
I can chug beer like water and also I’m ambidextrous.

What is your most proud achievement at P360 so far?
Deadlifting 385lbs after returning from a pinched sciatic nerve last October.

What’s your #1 gym hype song?
Whatever Mark plays.

What would you see if you could time travel anywhere?
Time travel, I would go back to the Martin Luther King “I Have a Dream” speech.

What goals do you have for the rest of 2019?
Lose 20lbs, and have my name on the leaderboard wall for at least 3 different things, especially the 5 minute row.

Alexis Goldring

This month, Alexis really stood out to us in terms of how dedicated she was to improving on snatch day. She is always looking for and implementing feedback, and she is always doing the workouts with a great big smile on her face.

How old are you and what do you do for work?
I am 27 years old and I do fundraising for cancer research at Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego.

What gym movements do you love doing and why?
Burpees, box jumps and clean and jerks. All three exhaust me and I really feel accomplished when I finish a work out that they are programmed into.

Describe your first class.
I had lived in San Diego for three days and I needed to find a gym. I took a 6am with Jules in PB and was hooked immediately. Not to 6am of course, but to P360. Brooke Laird and Abby May were next to me on the squat rack and I thought, “I want to be like them.” So, I signed up that day.

If you were an X-Men, what would your super power be?

If you could have been a member of any band/group in time, which band and what instrument?
Spice Girls, no instrument. Just the accent.

What is your most valuable bit of coaching advice you’ve received here?
“It’s all in your head, you are capable of this.”

What’s a hidden talent that you have?
I can wiggle my ears like Alfalfa.

What is your most proud achievement at P360 so far?
I had done certain lifts at my old gym back in Orange County, but I rarely pushed myself to add more weight. I worked for 6 weeks on my clean and jerk and hit my PR back in April. I was on cloud 9 the entire day and sent the video to my family. They had no idea what it meant, but they could hear Coach Abby cheering so they knew it was a big deal.

What’s your #1 gym hype song?
Anything country, especially when Mark plays it.

What would you see if you could time travel anywhere?
My hair was meant to live in the 80’s.

What goals do you have for the rest of 2019?
I want to continue building confidence in my deadlift and make it into the revamped Level 1 barbell club (20lbs away!)