BLOCK 2 Programming Prep: “Fast Times”

Wow, what an un-freaking-believable six weeks we just witnessed for “Arrival of the Fittest” and all of BLOCK 1. Regardless of whether or not you were participating in ATF, we saw some major progress and crazy electric energy in the gym and we can’t wait for that to continue into BLOCK 2.

While we did all the things during ATF, we’ll begin whittling down the focus and settling into more focused outcomes in BLOCK 2.

BLOCK 2: “Fast Times”
2/17 – 3/29


During BLOCK 2, each day will be assigned a consistent weekly format. The workouts will change daily and weekly, with different movements and different design within them but the format for each day will remain consistent for the duration of BLOCK 2.

Each format is designed for specific benefits, and you will be able to develop in them consistently for six weeks.

Monday Densities 
Tuesday – First, Then.
Wednesday – 25+
Thursday – RFGs

Friday – Intervals

Here is a snapshot of each signature format.


Primary Movements: Front Squat, Push Press
We’ll be using the FRONT SQUAT (Tu) and PUSH PRESS (Th) as the main strength and physique developers for the lower and upper body respectively.

Secondary Skill Development: Running Endurance
Everyone will have the performance option to use the Wednesday ‘25+’ finishing portion (the ‘+’) to develop running endurance with a series of “500m x 2”, “400m x 3”, etc. with the end game being a WEEK 6 MILE TEST.

Physique Focus: Glutes, Back
Friday ‘INTERVALS’ will include a different group of varied movements that favor the GLUTES and BACK.

(Optional) Performance Outcomes: Front Squat, Jerk, 1 Mile Run, “Mr. Red”
For those pursuing more of a performance focus, BLOCK 2 will peak with the opportunity to record a 5R or 2R maximum effort FRONT SQUAT, as well as a 5R or 2R maximum effort in whatever version of the PUSH PRESS you prefer.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to record a week one baseline and a week six re-test in both the 1 MILE RUN and “MR. RED.”