Better Core Training: Miyagis

Wax on, wax off. Wise words from the late Mr. Miyagi who taught Daniel-san how to defend against attacks on his way to the All-Valley Championship.

Maybe we’re not launching karate kicks in the gym, but the need to create good defensive still exists, in the form of teaching our midsection not to rotate when it isn’t supposed to. We’ve talked about better core training in our Core Training 101 series, and today is part of that anti-rotation family of movements we like to incorporate.

Miyagis provide benefit along the same lines, and are a great addition to your core training if you feel as if you’re capped at benefit from more stable anti-rotation movements like renegade rows, pull-throughs, and the like.


The lower the rings, the harder it will be. Raise them to create an easier movement. Perform them with both hands to perform an even harder movement. Perform “wax on, wax off” circles while the opposite arm stays extended. Keep the hips from rotating. Brace the core like you are taking a punch.

Dave Thomas Performance360 Coach Trainer

These are tough. If you are unable to perform them, try starting out with either Ab Wheel Roll-Outs, or High Plank Shoulder Taps.

-Dave Thomas


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