New Gym Launches in SoBo Neighborhood of Denver

In 2011 when Performance360 opened their first location in what is considered the most competitive fitness town in America (San Diego, CA), they were laughed at by the fitness industry. A truly local, independent gym could not be successful against well established gyms.

But something strange happened, people started joining. More converts. More believers. Quickly catching up and passing all of these gyms they weren’t supposed to compete with, all by offering premium programming and coaching for a fraction of the cost the Goliaths were charging.

People first. Profit second. Performance360 has now established themselves as one of the best gyms in America through their unique combination of Strength Training, Physique Development and Conditioning, all within a group class atmosphere.

Performance360 Ocean Beach San Diego #1 Gym

Now, Performance360 is coming to Denver. The first of 3 projected locations in the Denver area is slated to open in SOBO January 2023.

What is Performance360?

Performance360 is a gym that runs group classes combining Strength Training, Physique Development & Conditioning in a unique blend not available anywhere else. Members will lift weights under the watchful eye of a professional coach, move like a human being through all planes of movement, build lean muscle through functional bodybuilding and train multiple fuel systems incorporating various levels of interval training.

How is Performance360 different?

Most gyms fall on either end of the fitness spectrum either focusing exclusively on calories burned or lifting weights. Both of these are highly ineffective in delivering a complete level of fitness and body composition. Performance360 blends multiple modalities of training into the perfect workout designed for strength building, human function, body recomposition and longevity. There is simply no other gym that offers the type of thoughtful programming at the affordable rates Performance360 offers.

If you would like to know more about the workouts and Performance360’s unique approach, you can read about it here.

What does a typical class look like?

Classes are 1-hour long, including warmup and cool down. You’ll be with a group of other members where there is a new workout every day, with the breakdown consisting of:

  1. The Walkthrough: This is where the coach will go over the workout, the movements, provide demos and explain the purpose of the workout.
  2. The Warm-Up: Each day the coach leads members through a quick warmup designed to stimulate the joints, muscles and ligaments used in the days workout.
  3. The Workout: Members perform the workout under the watchful eye of an experienced coach providing technique coaching, guidance and motivation.

Who is Performance360 for?

Performance360 is for anyone interested in becoming a more capable human being both inside and outside the gym. P360 is welcoming of all ages, genders, body types and experience levels. The one rule is that you must be willing to show up and work hard. Modifications are made based on the individuals goal, experience level and any previous injuries.

Performance360 Group Fitness Gym
Performance360 Coach Academy
Performance360 Group Fitness Gym