#BecomeMore GROWTH

Proven in the single most most competitive market on Earth since 2011 (Southern California), Performance360 has demonstrated that its disruptive model of success is here to stay.

For the very first time, Performance360 is opening doors for a select few who are ready to answer the call, plant their flag, and Become More.

How It Works

#BecomeMore GROWTH

There are three paths gym entrepreneurs can take with #BecomeMore GROWTH.

1. Convert

This option is for current gym owners who are looking to dramatically improve their culture, operation, profitability, and quality of life.

In this model, we become your partners, and with that, you gain the Performance360 brand equity, sought after culture, proven systems, and organizational leadership.

With skin in the game for everyone, a high level of success is to follow.

2. Consult

Relatively satisfied with how your gym is operating, but you just need a little guidance here and there? Perhaps you’re looking to sure up your culture, outsource your programming, develop long term careers for your coaches, or put yourself in a position where you don’t have wear so many hats?

With two consulting options, ALL IN ($1,500/mo) and ESSENTIALS ($500/mo), there is a partnership for any budget.

SUCCESS EXAMPLE: Forged-RX in Winder, GA.

One year after consulting and learning Performance360 systems, Forged has opened their second location.

3. Commence

The filet mignon. This option is for those who open a gym from scratch, but need guidance, support, and a battle tested brand, systems, and culture to implement.

Opening a gym presents enormous challenges. Understanding your local market, real estate obstacles, overhead budget, staffing, pricing, and initial class offerings are just a few of the hurdles that close most gyms in their first 9 months.

Where most sink, you will thrive.

SUCCESS EXAMPLE: Lenny W., Performance360 Ocean Beach

Just five months after partnering with Performance360, Lenny has Performance360 Ocean Beach to over 100 members, an unstoppable culture, and profitability.

How to APPLY

#BecomeMore Growth

The reality is that a very small percentage of gym owners will be accepted into #BecomeMore GROWTH. We choose our partners very carefully and only few have shown the fortitude to live up to the standards.

Only men and women truly ready to immerse themselves into our culture will be given consideration.

If you wish to learn more, your first step is to fill out the information below, tell us about yourself, what you’re hoping to achieve, and your values as a fitness professional.