Movin’ The Charts – Grant Porter: “I Feel a Tremendous Difference In My Health”

Grant is the latest from our growing list of Become More Nutrition success stories, dropping 6.5 fat pounds and 3.5% body fat. Grant followed our Level 1 Fat Loss protocol which is centered around lifestyle changes and habits, not precise calorie or macro counting and he saw some amazing results.

“The six-week program was extremely helpful! The program had clear information that allowed me to create healthy habits into my nutrition and health. The simplicity of the program was easy to implement and after a few weeks, everything was on autopilot. Though every step of the way, Ashley was extremely helpful. She regularly checked in and gave me motivation to stay consistent for the entire program. I feel a tremendous difference with my health and in my workouts.”

Congrats, Grant. We can’t wait to see who steps forward next.

Thursday, 3.18.21


21’ EMOM
A: 10 KB Sumo Deadlifts
B: 10 SA DB Hang Snatches
C: 20” Bike Sprint / 25” Row Sprint

400m Farmer’s Walk @Heavy