Become More: A How To

Often, we look only at the first step needed towards achieving a goal, that is, the immediate first effect it has on our lives and see only the immediate burden. An aspiring real estate agent purchasing and studying for their exam, a person in need of help going to therapy for the first time, someone deciding to get back into a committed fitness routine. The common denominator for all initial steps in any noble pursuit is that they are usually uncomfortable and inconvenient. Instantly the goal is viewed as a nuisance, not a necessity and since it takes time for repeated actions to manifest into goals, most people quit.

I would offer that it’s not because most people lack the capability or “motivation” to succeed, but because they fail to look past that initial discomfort. Those who keep pushing through begin to see themselves move into an additional phase of their journey, or Dalio as calls them, consequences. Little benefits bring about bigger benefits, that ultimately yield complete transformation.

  • 1st Order Consequence – Physical discomfort, time spent, money spent.
  • 2nd Order  – Looking and feeling good. Improved physical ability and output.
  • 3rd Order – Increased confidence and self-assurance, expanded risk taking.
  • 4th Order – More professional success and improved relationships.
  • 5th Order – Shifting viewpoints and shedding of negative actions impacting your life.
  • 6th Order – An evolved state.

From there, what in your life would limit you? Over the years here, I’ve seen trial classes ultimately manifest into reversals of eating disorders, diabetes, depression, and much more. While we live for the day-to-day, month over month improvements in your lifts and your physical ability, what we really want you to do is zoom out. Way out.

Take this email we received over the weekend from a member:

I want to thank you for the level of accommodations and support you have provided during COVID. I joined a year ago, which was my overall goal last year (to join a gym). After joining, I was scared to attempt any class that looked too hard or incorporated equipment I was not accustomed to using prior to joining. I attended maybe 2x/weekly and I was inconsistent (work did limit my availability, being a school psychologist).  I work in the field of education and without Grassroots, I would have not been able to practice what I preach to my students and parents (identifying and utilizing positive coping skills). I looked forward to my daily Grassroots from March-June! 

When the gym reopened in June, I set my alarm for midnight and made sure I got a spot on the trial run day! I have been going to the gym at least 3x/weekly and have completed 17 TrainHeroic sessions when I was unable to make a class. I have seen dramatic changes in my strength and endurance. My physical appearance has changed but what made me realize my progress, are all of you with your encouragement and push that we all need (a few coaches can speak to this on my behalf!) I am no longer looking for modifications automatically because the barbell scares me or I may not be able to perform a tier like the next person. 

To be honest, I think what REALLY made me realize how much progress I have made is seeing my photo on xxxxx’s workout. I never thought I would be “that person”. I feel a sense of accomplishment I cannot describe. 

The exciting thing to me is that I started writing this blog on Saturday morning, and Pritz forwarded me this email as I was finishing it up. You can tangibly feel her complete evolution as the email progresses, and if you’ll notice, it took an image of her achieving something of strength she didn’t actually realize she was doing.

You’re either just starting your journey, or you’re somewhere along the way with a checklist of achievements. Stop. Take inventory. How has the simple act of deciding to go to the gym one day helped shape where you are now? I’d wager it’s played a very large role. Your efforts have mattered, and they have earned you things. Take the time to reflect upon them, appreciate them, and put them to use.

Or simply stated, become more.


Tuesday, 8.18.20

Bay Park PSC

1 Round:
40 Hang Power Cleans
300m Run
40 RKB Swings
300m Run
40 Barbell Rows
300m Run



6 Bench Press
10 Sumo KB Deadlifts

10 Renegade Rows
200m Run