And the winners are…

Chelsea Siefert!

Chelsea has been very quietly going about her business for a while now, but most noticeably made some big progress in the month of August.  Rare is the 6:15 am class she actually misses, Chelsea is one of the most consistent and dedicated to her goals in the gym.

Always asking questions, looking to get better, and still finding her inner confidence, Chelsea, having never trained with barbells in her life prior to P360 hit a 245# deadlift recently at the Olympics.

In addition, she set PRs this month on just about every single exercise we track including push jerk, squat, power clean and hang clean.

She completely embodies what we hope for all members, and sets a great example for the beginners that you don’t need a background in it in order to create huge success for yourself.  Just hard work and the right attitude.

Congrats, Chelsea! (Pictured on left)


Get to Know Chelsea

How old are you and where are you from?

I am 30 years old, born and raised in San Diego (Escondido).  Rare, I know.

What do you do for work?

I’m the Marketing Manager for Souplantation.

What do you do for fun?

Play beach volleyball, travel, snowboard, listen to live music, take road trips.  Anything that involves being with good friends or being at the beach or drinking mimosas in the sunshine.  Probably all three.

Favorite and least favorite exercise?

My favorite are kettlebell swings.  Least favorite…burpees.

What do you most enjoy about the gym?

I love the focus on proper form, full range of motion and challenging yourself with the exercises rather than competing for time.  Plus, I’m convinced that most of the exercises take longer for taller people!  Longer way down, longer way up 🙂

What would current Chelsea say to pre-P360 Chelsea these days?

Yes, you CAN commit to a New Year’s Resolution.  Yes, you CAN create a habit of waking up early for the gym everyday, even though you’re not a morning person.  Suck it up.   And bonus, your back pain will go away if you start strength training.  Do it!!!!

What’s your most proud achievement in the gym?

Probably my 245# deadlift at the Olympics.  Considering I failed at 205# less than two weeks prior. The energy that day was awesome!

What have you most learned since training at P360?

That I LOOOVEEE barbell exercises…all of them!  I had never done any before joining P360.  I’ve also learned a ton about form and technique.  Love all the factual yet humorous blog articles!

Most embarrassing fact most people don’t know?

I am addicted to jewelry.  Especially one-of-a-kind items.  I blame my mom’s side of the family.  I inherited it.  There are little jewelry stacks all over my house.

Hidden talent most people don’t know?

Hmmmmm.  Well, I literally roll out of bed at 6 am and still make it to the 6:15 class from OB.  I’d consider that a talent.

Favorite cheat meal?

French fries!

Who is a famous person with which you’d like to have a drink , and what drink would you buy them?

Steve Jobs.  He understood the human mind in a way like no other.  He knew how to create things we intuitively understand without actually asking people, because he believed people can’t tell you what they want if they’ve never seen it.  Two year olds can operate an iPad yet can’t figure out how to open presents.  Amazing.  Oh, and I’d buy him an Apple Martini.  Too cliche?

What do you wish you could improve upon in the gym?

I’ve been stoked with my overall progress so far.  But there are just certain exercises I absolutely dread like burpees, pull-ups and any running over 300m.  So I wish I could improve upon my mental state when those exercises come up.   One of my favorite quotes, “The road to success is always under construction” is one I tell myself often.  Progress, not perfection.

You are on a desert island and have one song to listen to the rest of your life.  What is it?

This just sounds painful, so something calming and soothing.  Like Bob Marley’s, No Woman, No Cry.  Oh, and the live version so it sounds like people are around me. 

What is your biggest goal for the rest of the year?

I’d like to find more discipline with my diet.  Sugar is my drug, and I love eating out which obviously makes it tougher to eat well.  I want to get my body fat percentage down, as well as a 300# deadlift, 1 pull-up, 40″ box jump and I’d also like to inspire more people to find a workout they love.  There’s nothing more motivating than seeing results after you stick with something long enough.

Parting words?

Thanks, P360 Team for this recognition!  This gym is definitely full of awesome people and it’s been fun being part of such a unique, motivating community!

And the male winner for August is…

Matt Eubank!

Matt represents our first winner who has been a high level for quite some time.  After all, he is Level IV in two categories, Level II in others and Level I in the rest.  It’s very easy to overlook folks who have already achieved success for themselves since you become numb to his/her impressive accomplishment and more importantly, their dedication.

However, Matt really stood out in the month of August for not just his physical accomplishments (which include Level IV Mile Club, Level I Prison Yard and PRs in his squat, snatch, split jerk, hang clean and power clean), but also his supportive demeanor around the gym.

Always willing to help out those at his station, congratulate people on PRs and make every person in his class feel welcome, Matt’s positive influence around the gym cannot be overstated.

Congrats, Matt!


Get to Know Matt

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 31 years young, from the great state of Delaware!

What do you do for work?

I head up the Compliance Department for FortuneBuilders.

What do you do for fun?

My fun revolves around sports, real or fantasy, and going out.  At one point, I was playing in four rec leagues at the same time.  My favorite way to unwind is a round of golf.  Nothing is more relaxing than hitting your ball into the woods and trying to find it.  #zen

What is your favorite and least favorite exercise?

My favorites are anything that make me feel like a kid – box jumps, muscle ups, double unders, pull-up bar swings to flying dismount, etc.  My least favorite is barbell row.  Hell Trots are also the pits but mainly because I lose count.

What do you most enjoy about the gym?

There is nothing like surrounding yourself with positive people.  It started with Dave and Pritz creating this amazing environment for personal and physical growth and it trickles down to the rest of the P360 community.  It took too long for me to find a group like this in San Diego where you can meet people outside of the bar scene that truly live a work hard, play hard mentality.  When you have people like this working out along side of you, it motivates you to dig deep and push that much further.

What would current Matt say to pre-P360 Matt?

Doing bicep curls, crunches, a few awkward glances to the squat rack and then bench 95# because you don’t want to ask the meat head with the short shorts next to you for a spot because you’re a little uncomfortable with having a stranger’s genitals dangerously close to your forehead…will not get you in shape.

What is your most proud achievement in the gym?

A 405# deadlift in less than a year.  I had never previously done deadlifts and it was crazy to think I could lift that much weight off the ground (note: Matt weighs 168 lbs).  Once I was able to do that, my mindset completely changed to “anything is possible”.

What have you most learned since training at P360?

Listen to your body and rest when it’s needed.

Embarrassing fact most people don’t know?

I’m a Mama’s Boy.  She’s been so awesome that pretty much anything she wants to do, I’ll do it with her.  Which consists of and is not limited to cross-stitching, gin rummy, baking and Zumba.  Just me and 10 ladies in their 60s getting our sweat on to some Akon and Pit Bull.

Hidden talent most people don’t know?

I was in a break dance club in college and traveled around Virginia competing in “battles”.  Give me a couple cocktails and a beat, and I’ll probably hit the floor.  My body usually hates me the next day.

Favorite cheat meal?

I used to have a sweet tooth but these days instead of birthday cake, give me a filet with a candle in it.  My biggest weaknesses are sandwiches, cheese steaks, grilled cheese, Italian hoagies.  As long as the sandwich doesn’t have tomatoes in in, I’m in.

Famous person with which you’d like to have a drink, and what would you buy them?

I was going to go with something real deep and mature but we’re in the trust tree, right?

Justin Timberlake.  He’s just so f’in cool.  I’d probably buy him a Red Bull Vodka Slushie because we all know it wouldn’t be just one drink and we would be throwing them back all night together and everyone would be like, “Hey, are you the guy that’s friends with Justin Timberlake?!”

What do you wish you could improve upon in the gy,?

Pull-ups and deadlifts.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Bald eagle.  Bald eagle = freedom, equality, burgers and beer.

You have one song on a desert island.  What is it?

Wu-Tang Clan, Da Mystery of Chessboxin’.  Just flawless.

What are your goals for the rest of the year?

Maximus Club.

Final parting words?

Wow.   As much as it looks like I have no problem with attention, I get very embarrassed when receiving recognition.   Out of all these other strong, marvelous drunks, you chose me.  This is quite the honor my friend!  Thank you.




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