And the winners of August’s Members of the Months are….

Chloe Banales

Chloe is in her second tenure at P360, and this time has come back with a huge thirst for knowledge and getting better.  Slowly and steadily over the last few months she has seen significant improvement in all of her lifts and most recently PR’d with a 185# deadlift!  She is constantly asking her coaches how she can get better, absorbs feedback very well and has no fear or personal insecurities whatsoever! And if she does, she steamrolls right past them as evidenced by her participation and completion of all four events in the recent P360 Olympics, even placing 6th for the women’s 800m row/run combination!  Chloe is a great example for all.

Chloe pictured on the right.

Chloe pictured on the right.

Get to Know Chloe

Age, where are you from? I’m 23 years old right now, but my birthday is on September 4th! Yes, the same day as Beyoncé (heeey!) I’m born and raised San Diego.

What do you do for work (or school)?  As of January, I am a graduate student at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and very involved in their student council as the Public Relations Chair. I am also an intern with an acupuncturist at Acusport Health Center in Ocean Beach. To pay the bills, I work as a server both at Benihana in Mission Valley and Johnny V in Pacific Beach. Come visit!

What do you do for fun? Honestly, almost anything! I’ve learned early that life is about creating memories, not standing by as a spectator. Some of these activities include playing soccer, solo trips to New Zealand, sky diving, scavenger hunts/bar crawls in WTF costumes, music festivals, Euro-trips, looking up cute bunny photos, and burritos.

What motivates you each day? A new challenge! Maybe it’s the Chinese-Mexican-Irish-Korean in me, but I have the (bad) habit of making everything into a competition. Whether it’s how many KB swings I can do, or how many burritos we are eating, I will challenge you/me until I win or find a new competition!

Favorite and least favorite exercise? Power cleans are my least favorite, (sorry almost everyone else.) Cleans scare me! I always picture Arnold Schwarz-whatever and Dave preaching “fast elbows!” and I usually psych myself out, hahah (: But split-jerks have become my new favorite, right before deadlifts and squats. I feel like split-jerks on the other hand, scare other people so they make you look pretty gnar!

What’s the most valuable bit of coaching you’ve received at P360? I have been told by every coach at P360, “do not complete any movement that hurts you” and “rest days are just as important as strength-training days.” Unfortunately at too many other gyms, trainers encourage faster completion times over better techniques and rarely preach about recovery days.

What is your most proud achievement at P360 so far? This honor of “Member of the Month” is probably going to be my most proud achievement (so far)! I absolutely love and rave about P360 all the time. All around, I have experienced benefits physically, aesthetically, mentally, and athletically! #becomemore

If money was no concern, what would be your dream job? My dream career is to become a licensed acupuncturist who specializes in sports injuries; (Maybe with a soccer team or the Padres!) Add some travel time into the schedule and I’d never retire (:

Embarrassing fact most people don’t know? When I was in high school, it was my turn to read a paragraph aloud in biology class. Being a fast reader and terrified public speaker, I accidentally read the word “organism” as “orgasm” and then forever became the quietest person in class. I was mortified!

Hidden talent most people don’t know? Spanish was actually my first language. Although I don’t have the best accent anymore, I love surprising people with my foreign language skills! I’m also learning how to speak Mandarin with Rosetta Stone right now. Ps, I can also hypnotize bunnies into falling asleep (:

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why? I would probably be Neapolitan because it represents three different flavors that combine together to create one delicious flavor. This is similar to both my ethnic background, and all of the different “hats” that I wear; (student, server, fitness lover, burrito foodie, etc.)

If you could use Bill & Ted’s powers and teleport to any point in the past, where would you go?
I don’t know who Bill and Ted are, but I would use their powers to teleport to when my grandfather was a City Council man in 1963. He just recently published his own memoir and I would love to compare the San Diego as he knew it, to the San Diego as I know it today.

Favorite cheat meal? One late night after work, I had the genius idea to order a quesadilla to wrap around my leftover bacon-breakfast burrito. Just, wow.

What’s the biggest overall improvement you had made since joining? My biggest improvement overall would have to be my strength! At San Diego State University I majored in Kinesiology and took a few weight-lifting classes, but I never thought I would use deadlifts or split-jerks in real life. Now with all of my lifts increasing in weight, even my endurance and athleticism has improved!

Famous person you’d most like to have a drink with, and what drink would you buy them? Probably Jake Johnson who plays “Nick Miller” on the show New Girl. I feel like we would really bond over a double chocolate bourbons paired with a salted-caramel-butterscotch pudding and a couple of Jamo shots.

Which public figure or celebrity needs to be slapped? Literally anyone who wastes our precious TV time with promoting their lives to the public on reality shows. I take offense when people ask me whether I spell my name with a “K” or a “C.”

You have one song, one movie and one TV show a desert island are they? It is always so hard to choose one! I would listen to “Time Bomb” by Iration and watch “No Strings Attached” (starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman) as my movie. My TV show would be “New Girl” plus the last episode ever of “One Tree Hill.” I know that last answer is like one and a half, but almost every single line in that script is quotable as a life lesson.

What is your biggest goal for the rest of 2013? Well, for the end of 2013 I wanted to figure out where I wanted to be in life and what I wanted for my future. I had graduated from SDSU with optimistic ideas of what the “real world” would be like, but was quickly thrown to the wolves. However, as a quick-learner and fierce competitor, 2014 has already proven to be my all-around best year yet and we are only halfway through! Many of my “new years resolutions” have already been met and exceeded. Some of these include: lifting the equivalent of my body weight in all of the olympic lifts, successfully completing ONE strict-pull up, getting into one of the P360 club levels, deciding on/pursuing a real career, adopting a bunny, traveling out of the country, and completing a forearm head-stand.

Adam Hascall

On the male side of things, Adam was a unanimous vote amongst our coaching staff.  Physically, he has had quite a month setting PRs in his mile time (5:49), deadlift (435#), split jerk (245#), front squat (275#), back squat (325#), power clean (245#) and became just the 13 th male to reach P360’s Level 4 Barbell Club.  Adam shows up regularly, is always pushing himself and never backs down from a P360 challenge.   Always polite and encouraging to his fellow classmates (usually 11 am or noon class), Adam is a pleasure to have at P360 in all facets of membership.


Get to Know Adam

Age: 27

Work: Art Consultant for Peter Lik Fine Art Photography

What do I do for fun: Normal stuff I suppose. Beach and anything water related, watching baseball, enjoying a couple cold beers on a hot day with some friends, long walks on the beach. I’ve been surfing a lot lately. Thoroughly enjoy coffee and books too.

What Motivates You Each Day: In the gym? I am constantly pushed by the other members that are always busting their asses. Everyone goes through days where you don’t want to put in the effort, but I can’t stand looking like a slacker if front of twenty other people.

Favorite Exercise: Squats or DB Snatch

Least Favorite: The timed mile can suck it

Most Valuable Bit of Coaching You’ve Received at P360: When I was first getting back into being at a gym and working out, all I wanted to do was throw heavy weight around and not look frumpy anymore. The best advice I received was to be patient with myself. Taking that to heart has helped me avoid multiple injuries and allowed me to develop the all important technique

Biggest achievement: Level 4 Barbell. That’s something I never thought I’d do.

If money was no concern: I’d probably play or be involved with music somehow.

Embarrassing Fact Not Many People Know: I own all seven Harry Potter books in first edition hardcover and have read them several times. Wait…..that’s not embarrassing

Hidden Talent: I sang in a metal band throughout college. I guess you could say that’s kind of a hidden talent. LOUD NOISES!!

Ice Cream Flavor: I’m a toppings guy myself. Hot fudge and Oreos on some vanilla.

If you could teleport anywhere in the past, where would you go? Travel Back in time If life expectancy wasn’t like 30 years, I’d probably go back to the Middle Ages. Nothing like a little jousting, fealty, and thatch roofing.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Mass amounts of cheese. Cheese and crackers. Nachos. Cheesy Fries. Cheese.

Overall Improvement: My endurance was a joke when I started and I had no interest in improving it. I still don’t give it the time it deserves (sorry Maria), but it’s gotten better by leaps and bounds.

Famous Person and Drink: I’d love to have a cheap beer with Tom Hanks. He just seems so damn cool.

Famous Person Who needs to go away: Nikki Minaj needs to stop being relevant ASAP.

One Song, TV show, and Movie:
-Song: Taste of Ink: The Used. I have never gotten sick of that song, or that album
-Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, extended edition. Time consuming AND entertaining.
-TV Show: Band of Brothers.

Biggest Goal for the rest of the year: For me it’s all about continued growth, in all aspects of life. Nothing is more exciting than getting better. I also want to get better at cooking.

Another great month of members doing great things.  Special recognition to our runners up Nick Roehr and Jeannette Williams, as well.  Please make sure to congratulate the winners when you see them around the gym this month, and as always, we’re excited to see who steps up in September!